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6-9 months

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Q: How long do wolves stay pregnant?
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How long are wolves?

white wolves are pregnant, for about 6 month's

How long does a gorilla stay pregnant?

How long do gorilla stay pregnant

How long do wolves stay in one place?

wolves stay for about 3 months then move on to a new den

For how long are wolves pregnant?

63 days

How long do wolves keep their young?

Young wolves usually stay with the pack.

How long do hedgehogs stay pregnant?

They stay pregnant up to 31 days.

How long does a male wolf stay with the female?

wolves stay together for life

How long to wolves stay with their parents?

2 yrs?

How does a cat stay pregnant?

Do you mean how long they stay pregnant? if so its 9 weeks.

How long do whales stay pregnant for?

whales stay pregnant for about 10-14 months

How long are gray wolves pregnant?

Gray wolfs are pregnant for approx 60 to 63 days

How long can wolves stay under water?

They can stay under water for 10 seconds.

How long do baby wolves stay with their mother?

maybe about a year.

How do long do a mouse be pregnant?

*how long does a mouse stay pregnant up to a month and a week

How long does a giraffe stay pregnant before giving birth?

Giraffes stay pregnant for 15 monthes

How long do you stay pregnant on the sims 3 ambitions?

They stay pregnant for 3-4 sim days

How long do baby gray wolves stay with their parents?

2 years

How long do min pin stay pregnant?

I have a 3 yr old female min pin and I think she may be pregnant. How can I tell and how long do they stay pregnant and when do they start showing?

How long do butterflies stay pregnant?

Butterflies do not get pregnant. They lay eggs.

How long does mollies stay pregnant?

about a month

How do wolves stay alive in the wild?

wolves stay safe by fighting

How long is a guppie stay pregnant?

A guppy will stay pregnant for about a month. The pregnant guppy's belly will start to look squarish when she is close to giving birth.

How long does an animal stay pregnant for?

well a beluga can stay for 12-15 months that is a long time

How long do dalmatians stay pregnate?

Dalmatians stay pregnant for about 2 months.

How long does a hermit crab stay pregnant?