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About 2-3 hours

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โˆ™ 2012-02-17 04:23:57
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Q: How long do you charge 8.4v1500MAH Ni-CD battery pack for airsoft guns?
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How much to charge 700mah 4.8v nicd battery?

Well i charge mine for 2 hours. For me the battery was in an airsoft gun magazine when i was younger. I remember that i over charged it and it broke so i wouldnt go over 2 hours. hope that helps.

Can you use rf80-k charger to charge an NiMH or NiCD battery pack 7.2 volt?

Rf80-k aircrfat battery charger can charge all type of batteries dry and wet cells

What battery technology is directly replacing nicd?

NiMh is usually considered the most direct replacement of NiCd.

How is an electrical substation's NiCd battery bank commissioned?

Very carefully

Can you use NiCD battery in place of NiMH battery?

Yes, as long as you use an NiCd charger, but you really shouldn't. NiMh has twice the capacity of NiCd and it is less expensive. NiMh also contains no toxic materials so it is better for the environment.

What would happen if you took a Ni-Cd AA700mAh 7.2V battery from an airsoft gun and replaced it with a higher mAh and V battery?

You could replace it with a battery with a higher mAh rating and the battery would last longer between charges. Increasing the voltage (V) may lead to better performance, but it could severely damage the electronics. I would highly recommend NOT increasing the voltage. You could get more than twice the lifetime with an NiMh battery instead of an NiCd. You will need an NiMh compatible charger. I would highly recommend NiMh over NiCd.

Can you use nimh battery charger to recharge nicd battery?

Probably, but they may come out slightly undercharged.. I've put NiMH cells in a charger designed for NiCd without a problem but haven't tried the other way around.

What type of battery is in a bicycle lamp?

Can be just about anything, from a small button battery for a small LED, to NiCd to Li-Po.

How many volts in an AA battery?

1.5 volts if you have an alkaline battery. 1.2 volts for most rechargeables (Li, NiMH, NiCd)

How many volts in 1 cell?

If you are talking about a zinc carbon battery, 1.5 VDC. A NiCd has 1.2 VDC.

Will a NiMh charger charge NiCad Batteries?

Some will, but it is not recommended because it can damage the batteries or the charger. Invest in a NiCd charger or better yet get some NiMh batteries. NiMh batteries are better than NiCd in every way.

Which batteries do you use in medical equipments?

NiCd, Lithium, Lood, NiMH, Li-ion, Alkaline. I can't tell you which types are appropriate for your medical device(s), anyway! (NiCd and Lithium battery types must be disposed off properly).

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