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The test is how much you earned in the base period of 12 months, starting 15-17 months before your application. See the Related Link below for more information.

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Q: How long do you have to be employed at a job in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in California?
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How long do you have to be employed at a job in order in order to be eligible to receive unemployment in Illinois?

You have to be employed for 90 working days before you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Can you receive unemployment after your business is closed?

If you are the owner of the business you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. If you are the worker, you are.

If you work 82.5 hours per month would you be eligible for unemployment benefits in the State of Illinois?

If you work 82.5 hours per month you are considered employed and would not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Can you collect unemployment in New Jersey if you are self employed?

According to the Related Link below you would not be eligible for unemployment benefits because you would not be available for full time employment, a requirement.

How do you pay unemployment taxes if you are self employed?

Because self employed people are not eligible for unemployment compensation, if you are the sole employee in your business you would not be liable for the unemployment tax.

Can a contractor collect unemployment in Pennsylvania?

No. Under the heading "You may be ineligible to receive benefits if:" in the Related Link below, self-employed persons may not be eligible.

How many Californians are employed in various jobs?

If you are asking this to find out how many people are employed in California the answer is currently 88% due to the high 12% unemployment rate. Keep in mind that this number reflects the current number of people who are currently collecting unemployment benefits, not those who have dropped off the system and no longer are eligible. The actual numbers will be significantly higher.

Can you get unemployment benefits if are a new graduate?

Unemployment only comes to those who have been previously employed, so mere graduation does not entitle one to unemployment benefits.

Is it ileagal to file unemployment if you are still employed?

By definition, filing for any benefits, etc for "unemployment" when you are actually employed is deception and is therefore CRIMINAL.

Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits while being self-employed?


Can you lay yourself off if you own a business and continue to work that business and collect unemployment benefits?

No. Self employed persons are not eligible, only those working for someone else for wages.

What questions does unemployment ask during a telephone interview?

They would ask questions concerning your employment such as your explanation for not being employed, work conditions, relationships with management and fellow employees and anything that would hinge on your being eligible for the unemployment benefits.

Can you draw unemployment on fmla?

If you are receiving FMLA benefits, you are still employed. Unemployment is for people that are not employed, therefore you would not be eligible for benefits. You would have to wait until your FMLA and any other possible leave is exhausted before applying for unemployment. However, if you are still not able to work after your benefits are exhausted or caring for someone and not available to work, then you could be denied based on those factors. Correct. FMLA leaev is only for those still emepeloyed, but totally incapacitated from working by their med condition or the relative's condition. Folks totally incapacitated from working can never get unemployment benefits.

How long do you have to be employed at a job in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, among other requirements, you have to have worked for your last bona fide employer long enough to have earned eight (8) times your weekly unemployment benefits. See the Related Link below for more details.

How long do you need to be employed to collect NJ state unemployment benefits?

18 weeks

Are you eligible for health benefits while employed as a chef?

Health benefits vary from company to company. Most likely if the chef is working 40 hours or more per week, they're eligible for health benefits. If the chef is working as a contractor (self employed) then he/she must supply their own health benefits.

Can a Missouri resident draw unemployment if self employed?

A self-employed person may not collect unemployment benefits based on his self employment. See the Related Link below for details.

You were employed for 30 days at your last employer are you eligible for unemployment?

Unemployment benefits are governed by states, so it will depend on what state you worked in. I am not aware of any state that has a limitation on how long you needed to be working to obtain benefits. I would check with your state's department of labor or workforce development. In some larger states, you may have a department of unemployment, which would be where I would suggest too.

Can you continue to receive New York State unemployment working for Americorps?

It is illegal to collect unemployment benefits while employed in NYS.

I reside in Ohio but worked in WV. Can I apply for unemployment in Ohio because the benefits are higher?

You will need to apply for unemployment in the state that you were employed.

How long to you have to be employed at a job in order to eligible for unemployment benefits in New Jersey?

The reference below in the Related Link is referencing total time worked in the base period (several methods of calculating that) and the amount earned, with no mention of how long you need to be employed by a single employer.

Will cashing out 401k affect unemployment benefits in California?

No cashing out your 401k does not effect your eligibility for unemployment because this is not considered income related to a current job. Therefore you would not be considered as working or employed if you are just liquidating an asset you already had

How long do you have to be employed at a job in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in New York?

You had to have worked and be paid wages in at least two calendar quarters of your base period (of one year). Refer to the Related Link below.

Can a qualified injured worker look for work and be qualified for unemployment benefits?

No, if you are employed and making a gross income while collecting unemployment benefits, and they can prove you know this is wrong, you can be arrested for fraud.

Can you draw unemployment while off work for surgery?

It depends. If the surgery was work related, you might be eligible for Workers' Comp. Otherwise, you're still employed and are not eligible.