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How long do you have to practice a day?


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2 hours


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Professional soccer players practice each day for three hours .

if you want to be a good player, practice at least 3hrs. a day.

Yes in High School as long as it is not the 7th day in a row of games/practice. There is a mandatory 1 day off per week.

you should practice gymnastics about for thirty min because if you dont you might not be able to do the same trick that you could the other day

practice every day for at least three hours, and get some lessons or take a class.

22 hours per day but he takes Sundays off

A month if u practice every day

3 times a day because it can improve his or her skills.

actually depends , a stage performer practice for as long as 12 hours , to make every node perfect, while a learner can practice 3 to 5 hr . a day. playing guitar is an art a much time as u can give to ur practice is lesssssssssssssss it's passion ,do'nt hv time boundage

There is nothing to stop you from doing so. As long as you don't practice on day before you tee off.

three hours per day four times a week

Well, it depends on the player. Most NBA players practice for almost 50% of the day. But some don't practice everyday, only on game-days. Again, it depends on the player, and how much he wants to improve his game.

depends,, I'm on a high school team and we practice like 2.5 to 3 hours a day.. but on my competitive off season team we practice like 7 hours but split up into 4 and 3 hours at a time

It really depends on the player, his position, and the team. Some players practice all day while some (Generally pitchers) practice around three hours.

the work practice could i reflect on is my day to day work.

their day to day task is to practice

practice and you will be great one day. Don't give up on Practice.

We practice for hours to be good @ what we do.

They practice probably anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day.

Because they are a good band and they practice and practice.

WHAT IS ZEN PRACTICEZen practice is the mind becoming quieter day by day.And so what? What does it matter?Well, silence has the quietest voice of all.And you are the silence!

I can't say for sure but Chopin was against mindless mechanical practice. He told he students that 2 quality hours a day is better than 6 hours of repetition.

You will have to practice every day to be really good at soccer.

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