Electricity flows in two ways, either in AC (alternating current) or in DC (direct current). The basic difference between AC and DC is the direction in which the current flows.

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How can you put ACDC songs on your iPod legally?

You just buy them then sync them through iTunes.

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What do the letters tos stand for in the NBA?



Who sold more albums Kiss or ACDC?


WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

Dowland joc wrestling 2008?



Who is the current lead singer of ACDC?

brian Johnson


How many songs are there in the world?

For a fact there are 236,784,134 songs in the entire world that have been recorded professionally.


Did acdc write their own songs?


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What is Wesley Snipes' fan mail address?

Wesley Snipes

United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 500

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2401


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How many platinum albums did AC DC have?



How tall are the members of acdc?

The members of ACDC are as follows:

Brian Johnson is 5'5" and is 61; born on Oct 5, 1947

Angus Young is 5'2" and is 53; born on March 31, 1955

Malcom Young is 5'3" and is 55; born on Jan 6, 1953

Cliff Williams is 5'8" and is 58; born on Dec 14, 1949

Phil Rudd is 5'6" and is 54; born on May 19, 1954


How tall is Phil Rudd from acdc?

Apperantly 5 foot 6 inches.


Where did the band ACDC get its name?

AC/DC got there name from Angus and Malcolm Young's sister Margaret she saw a thing that said alternating current/direct current and Angus young thought that represented them.

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Who wrote back to black?

Amy Winehouse did! :)


What are 10 facts about ACDC?

1) The group considered briefly that continuing the band would be a bad idea, until ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson was selected to replace Bon Scott.

2) The Back in Black album was dedicated to bon Scott.

3) AC/DC popularity soon got low after drummer Phil Rudd was replaced by Simon Wright in 1983.

4) At of the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock AC/DC is the forth and the seventh Greatest Heavy Metal Band of All Time.

5) Australia is the only country that pronouns AC/DC as Acca Dacca

6) Acca Dacca (AC/DC) have been going for 28 years

7) Between 1973 to 2011 their has been 3 different people singing the lead vocals, 8 different people playing the bass guitars, 11 different people drumming and Angus Young (lead guitar) and his brother Malcolm (rhythm guitar) have kept their positions since the band started.


What is the name of ACDC's song with bagpipes in it?

"It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" has bagpipes in the song.

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Does Angus Young have a girl friend?

He has a wife


Who rejoin ACDC in 1994?

Phill Rudd, he was sacked in 1983


How many times does the bell toll in ACDC's song Hell's Bells?

the answer to hell's bells ; it tolls 13 times

the answer to hell's bells ; it tolls 13 times

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Who sold more albums ACDC or the Rolling Stones?

Acca Dacca definitely the stones might have been around longer but ac/dc had so many chart smashing songs it's rediculous

AC/DC has sold more albums, both bands are in 200 million sold category. The Stones had more number 1 albums and singles. How does that happen? A record may hit number 1 on the charts but not sell as many units as another album that sells more over time. For example, Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon has sold more records years after it's initial release when it was charted. I believe ACDC had only 2 singles charted at number 1 and oddly they weren't from their popular Back in Black album.


Who is the opening act for acdc at the Bradley Center?

the answer


Is acdc coming out with a new CD?

I really doubt that exapt for the newest one black ice with my favorite song in it and of all ac dc songs war machine

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Who protested in the 1981 springbok tour?

The 1981 springbok tour to New Zealand resulted in huge demonstrations by many people in New Zealand. The country was divided in two; many people took to the streets in protest at the continuing state of apartheid in South Africa and believed that sporting links with this country represented support for it's racist regime. Rugby grounds were layed siege to and demonstrations turned violent as protesters clashed with riot police and rugby supporters. One match, the Sprinkboks vs Waikato, was called off after the pitch was invaded by protesters and very ugly scenes resulted as rugby fans attacked the demonstrators in the middle of the field. During the final test in Auckland a light plane was used to bomb the field with packets of flour, one of them felling All Black prop, Gary Knight. Two organisations that were involved in the protests were: H.A.R.T (Halt All Racist Tours) and C.A.R.E (Citizens Association for Racial Equality). The 1981 Springbok tour polarised the country and left scars that would not be healed until the World Cup in 1987.

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What year was the first rock n' roll record produced?

There are many candidates for the title of the first rock and roll record. Numerous recordings mark the development of rock and roll as a separate musical form. Some songs are cited as having important lyrical content, others are seen as offering important melodic, harmonic or rhythmic influence. These songs include not only hits from the early 1950s when the music emerged on the national and international scene, but also various other precursors to what would become known as Rock and Roll. Wild cards from the 1920s and 1930s that seemed then to have come from nowhere but now clearly foreshadow rock and roll: "My Daddy Rocks Me (with One Good Steady Roll)" by Trixie Smith (1922). Although it was played with a backbeat and was one of the first "around the clock" lyrics, this slow minor-key blues was by no means rock and roll in the modern sense. On the other hand, the title certainly underscores the original meaning attached to those two words (both of four letters), rock and roll.

"Pine Top's Boogie Woogie" by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith (1928) was one of the first hit "boogie woogie" recordings, and the first to include classic rock and roll references to "the girl with the red dress on" being told to "not move a peg" until she could "shake that thing" and "mess around". "Tiger Rag" by the Washboard Rhythm Kings (1931) was a virtually out of control performance with screeching vocals, a strange tiger roar, and rocking washboard. This recording is standing in for many performances by spasm bands, jug bands, and skiffle groups that have the same wild, informal feel that early rock and roll had.



How was Brian Johnson's childhood?

it was great


Why isn't ACDC availiable on iTunes?

The band stated that they did not want their songs sold on iTunes because they want their music to be purchased together as an album as they believe downloading songs as singles would not correctly represent them musically.

.."We believe the songs on any of our albums belong together. If we were on iTunes, we know a certain percentage of people would only download two or three songs from the album. We don't think that represents us musically." - Angus Young (AC/DC Lead Guitarist/Frontman)
AC/DC does not want they're music sold online. This is probably because they want people to buy the whole album, not one or two songs. It could also be because they don't want they're music on the computer at all to prevent illegal downloading of they're songs, which would make them lose album sales.


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