How long do you have to wait before selling an estate?

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The executor/administrator must be appointed by the court and the creditors must be notified so they can make a claim if necessary. All the debts of the decedent and the costs of the administration of the estate must be paid. Finally, the remaining assets can be sold or turned over to the heirs.
b:post-16189886I think it is two years that the ATO thinks is reasonable. If it is sold after two years there is CGT implications.You normally shouldn't be paying the rates etc, it should be the estate doing this. As the house is still owned by the estate. If it has actually changed titleO

How long after bankruptcy do you have to wait before refinancing?

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How long do you have to get your car out of impound before they sell it?

It all depends on the reason for the impound and the local laws regarding the reason for the impound.. In Florida, a PRIVATE IMPOUND (not repossession) is to be held 50 days, not including date of impound or date of sale, if the vehicle is three years of age or less. If older than three years of ag ( Full Answer )

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depends on the reason you purchased it. If you are going to make a profit normally you would want to hold onto it for 2 years to avoid paying taxes on the profit.

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It's an important strategy for saving income taxes. You sell the stock at the end of the year to take the loss and buy back because you believe in the stock for the long term. The risk is that the stock will have a run up after you sold and before you bought back. I'm not sure how long you have t ( Full Answer )

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If, within 36 months of the date of purchase, the property is no longer used as your principal residence, you are required to repay the credit. Repayment of the full amount of the credit is due at the time the income tax return for the year the home ceased to be your principal residence is due. The ( Full Answer )

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When settling an estate do you have to wait for everything to sell before getting money or do you get funds as they come in?

you must wait until the house sells, and all bank accounts are accounted for, life insurance, and other earnings the deceased may have had. money is not dispersed as it comes in because nobody knows the amount of the estate yet, estate taxes have to be paid first. and if the deceased had unpaid bill ( Full Answer )

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Your mother died and you are the estate administrator you have been paying the mortgage on the house out of the estate while waiting to sell it but there is no more money left Are you responsible?

No you are not personally responsible for the debt. As executor you do need to work something out with the bank. One of the primary reasons to open an estate is to resolve such debts. The estate has to pay off the debts. If the estate cannot do so, they distribute as best they can. If the court appr ( Full Answer )

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How long must a condo owner wait to sell a condo?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not there is a waiting period that you must honour before you sell. There is no standard: all private democracies operate differently, and have different guidelines in this regard, possibly depending on the conditions of purchase.

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