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I'd wait at least 24-48 hrs, depending how much chlorine you added, if you super shocked the pool then wait 24hrs if you just added a small amount, it's now a big deal. Im a homeowner not a pool builder or cleaner. This is what we;ve done in the past.. you'd might want to call a pool supply store and ask this question just to make sure. You should wait 20 to 30 minutes for normal additions of chlorine or other chemicals. However you should read the manufacturers instructions ir directions with the regard to algaecides. If superchlorinating you obviously need to wait longer. You have to give the circulation system time to distribute any chemical additions to the pool such as chlorine of muriatic acid.

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Q: How long do you have to wait before swimming after adding chlorine to the pool?
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How long does CHLORINE have sit before swimming?

About 25- 49 hours :)

How long before swimming after adding calcium chloride?

After adding calcium chloride to a swimming pool, you should wait at least 2 hours before swimming. It is recommended however that a full filtration cycle be allowed before entering the water.

How long should you wait to swim after adding PH minus?

You should wait a couple of hours before swimming in a pool after adding PH minus. Check your water before swimming to ensure that the PH has been lowered.

How long wait chlorine in pool?

I'm not sure what you mean. If your qeustion is how long do you have to wait to swim after adding chlorine, it really depends. If you're adding chlorine to bring the level up to 2.0 or 3.0ppm, then wait minimum 1 hour before swimming, and be sure the filter is on. If you're shocking the pool and bringing the level up to 10-12ppm, you need to wait until the pool reaches a safe level as stated above.

How long can lice eggs live in a pool?

The chlorine levels in a swimming pool would kill them before they could hatch.

How long do you have to wait before swimming after adding calcium chloride to the pool?

I'd wait for at least two hours before going in the pool.

How long should i not swim in chlorine after beaching my hair?

It really doesn't matter how long you wait because chlorine is bad no matter how long you wait. It helps a little if you wet your hair with fresh water before swimming, also put a leave-in conditioner on before you swim, this way your hair won't absorb as much chlorine.

How long before swimming after piercing?

I wouldn't recommend a swimming pool afterwards because of the chlorine, but the ocean is fine as it is a natural healer (all the salt water) it may sting though.

How long should you wait to swim after adding pH up?

It is advised to wait approximately two hours before swimming after adding pH to a pool. This gives the chemicals plenty of time to work.

How long do you wait to go swimming after adding soda ash?

Just about immediately

How long after adding chlorine liquid to your pool is it safe to swim?

You can get straight in, there is nothing to wory about.

How long is the swimming pool at the Landmark Hotel in London?

The swimming pool at the Landmark Hotel in London is 15-metres. It's a heated and chlorine-free swimming pool. One can enjoy swimming in this pool without worrying about the side effects of chlorine, especially if one is pregnant.

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