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It depends on your teeth. Some people wear braces for several months; others wear them for several years. It depends on the particular condition or conditions that are being treated.

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Q: How long do you have to wear fixed braces?
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Can you still wear braces even you have fixed bridge?

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How long do you have to wear braces for cosmetic reasons?

You have to wear braces for two years normally. If you don't need them for that long it is for only one year. Hope I could be of help!

Can slanted teeth be fixed with braces?

Of course. Almost anything can be fixed with braces.

How long do you have to wear braces for a gap?

3 yrs

How long do you have to wear a retainer after braces?

either about 4-6mounths but always wear them when you go to be from annoymouse user

How long does one usually have to wear dental braces?

Usually one has to wear dental braces for 18 months to two years. With this said, it really depends on the individual and the orthodontist. Some can wear it for a very long time whilst some can wear it for a shorter time.

Does it hurt when yougr braces get fixed?

yes it does hurt when you get your braces fixed. Its just like getting your braces put on again for the first time.

How long does it take on average for cosmetic braces to fix someones teeth?

The amount of time someone needs to wear braces is highly dependent on how badly the individual needed braces to begin with. On average however, people wear braces for approximately 2 years.

How long do I have to wear invisible braces?

Each set of braces will be worn for two weeks. How many times you need to switch will depend on how badly your teeth are aligned to start with. How long you wear braces depends on the amount of work you need to get your teeth strightened. This is something that your dentist or orthdontist can answer for you.

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How do retainers work?

When you have braces for a certain amount of time you are required to wear a clear or wire retainer. They keep your teeth from moving. So say you got your braces off and you refuse to wear a retainer or you just don't want to, your teeth will move and then you have to get braces again. Your retainer doesn't have to be in very long.

Do adults have to wear braces on their teeth for longer?

It depends on the teeth. If it is very crooked then it would be long.

How long do you wear braces when you got braces at age fourteen?

It depends, 2 or 3 years is an avarage, but the first results may be visible after a few months already.

Eat with braces?

Eating with fixed braces is fine. Retainers must be taken out before eating!