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Again, do not mess around with the area until it has completely healed. Treat it like a wound that needs time to heal. Around 7-10 days you should start to see some inprovement. Then when there is no more oozing or bleeding you will be able to change the ring.

2006-08-04 17:59:58
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How long can you not bend over after getting your navel pierced?

I got my navel pierced 6 months ago and i was able to bend normally the same night I got it done. It doesnt hurt the piercing at all, and don't worry getting it pierced didn't hurt that much. It was definitely worth it (:

How old do you have to be to get your navel pierced in Alabama?

Doesn't matter as long as no one sees it and if they do just say "it's for cultural reasons".

Can your ears be pierced by having clip ons too long?


How long does your belly button stay dark after you get it pierced?

Your Navel piercing shouldn't be dark. I would suggest you go back and see your piercer.

How long does it take to get your navel pierced?

The actual piercing part is literally about 5 seconds! Overall with the cleaning, numbing etc, its about 5 minutes.

How long after you get your nipples pierced can you take out the jewelry to change it?

6 months

How long do you have to leave a navel piercing in for after you get it pierced?

6 months to a year. 6 months is really early though so I would say 9 to 12 months.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a school pool after having your eyebrow pierced?

you dont

How long do you have to wait after getting your nose pierced?

To change the jewellery 6 weeks

How long do you have to wait to change you lip piercing after you get it pierced?

2-3 months.

How long should you wait to go tanning after having your belly button pierced?

2-3 days is how long i had to wait

How long should you wait to go swimming in a pool or the ocean after having your ears pierced?

72 hours

How long do you have to have nipple rings in before you can change them?

You need to wait about 6 to 8 weeks after getting them pierced before you change them.

How long can you leave out your navel ring if you just got it a month ago?

Not long at all, piercings don't heal in a month especially the navel piercing, it takes from 3 to 6 months for a good light heal, but is far from healed and seasoned to handle having the jewellery out for long.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool after you get your navel pierced and Swimming for less than an hour every weekday?

2-3 months. It doesn;t matter how long it is. Water is extremely dirty and really increases the risk of infection.

How long do it take to bath after getting a belly ring?

You can usually take a bath about 3-4 day after you get your navel pierced but whatever you do don't go swimming for at least for 4 weeks after getting it done

Is 6 weeks long enough to change your belly ring?

No. Navel rings take a year to heal because the navel is in one of your body's hinge points, and the tissue around the jewelry is always in motion.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool or lake after having your ears pierced?

ears its fine as long as you clean it before and after your swim :) Good Luck

How long to keep a belly piercing in after being pierced?

Wait at least 8 weeks before you change the jewelry.

How long should you wait to go swimming after having your navel pierced?

You should wait until the 'wound' has completely healed with no oozing or bleeding and when the scab has fallen off. If you swim before this you may be putting yourself at risk of getting an infection which could mean you have to take you piercing out whilst it heals again and then it will close up altogether.

How long do you need to bathe your ears after having them pierced?

You should bathe your ears in surgical spirt 3 times a day for 6 weeks after having them pierced. It's also recommended that you bathe them once more if you've been messing with your ear ring alot that day.

I have had my nipples pierced for a year. I have the same bars in as when I got them pierced. Do I need to change them?

So long as you've been keeping it clean and the jewelry is still comfortable and practical for you to wear, I don't see any reason why you would HAVE to change it.

How long do you have to wait after having a penis pierced?

it depends on what you are waiting for. if its to have sex, you might have to wait a long time until you find a girl that will let you put that thing inside her.

How long are you supposed to leaving your earrings in after having them first pierced?

6 weeks for the lobe of the ear, but 12 weeks for top of ear (cartilage).

You are fourteen and you are getting your navel pierced but you are kind of scared do to the fact people keep saying how it can get infected so can someone please help you on this one?

As long as you're getting it done at a reputable place (that is, not doing it yourself or having a friend do it), piercing is pretty safe. Infections are uncommon--be sure to follow all instructions they give you about keeping it clean--and you should be fine.