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Ideally you should wait until your period is late, that would make the test the most accurate. Most tests say even the day your period is due is fine. Some tests on the market say you can test up to 4 days before your period is due, it will catch some pregnancies, however you are most likely to get a false negative by testing early.

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Q: How long do you need to wait until you can take a pregnancy test?
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How long is crayfish pregnancy?

i have a pregant crayfish and i am wondering how long it will take until she has her babies?

How long until you can take a pregnancy test?

Three days after you had sex .

How long to you have to wait until you take a pregnancy test?

The earliest is 2 weeks after.

How long will it take until you find out if you are pregnant?

About two weeks, with most pregnancy tests.

How long after a aborsion will the pregnancy test say positive?

Until the pregnancy hormones have settled which can take up to 2 months and sometimes longer of you had a late abortion.

How long do I have to wait until I can take a pregnancy test?

Most women should wait at least a few days after sex before taking a pregnancy test.

How long before you take a pregnancy test?

Typically u want to wait until after you've missed your period.

Can i be positive when i use pregnancy test after taking cytotek?

Depends on how long after you take the test. It takes awhile until the pregnancy hormone level goes back to normal.

How early is early to take a home pregnancy test?

you need to wait until you atleast miss one period

How long is the pregnancy of a rabbit?

After the rabbit mated, it will take 30 or 31 or 32 days until your doe gives birth. About a month.

Can you still get cramps and be pregnant?

Yes you can. As long as they go away and you have no bleeding the pregnancy is fine. The best way to find out if you are pregnant is to wait until after you miss your period and take a pregnancy test.

How long would it take for a pregnancy test to determine a possible pregnancy?

If you leave it on the counter it shouldn't take to long maybe 1 min or 2 min. It won't take long

How long to stop taking pills to determine pregnancy?

You can take a pregnancy test while you're on the pill. You don't need to stop the pill to find out if you're pregnant.

How many days before your missed period do you need tot take a pregnancy test?

You shouldn't start worrying until after you miss your period.

How can you tell you are pregnant after ovulation?

Take a pregnancy test. Wait until you have missed your period because you need the hormones to be present to have the test be accurate.

How long do i need to wait until i can take xanax after taking suboxone?

You dont need to wait, but you will be wickedly stoned

How long do you have to wait until you can take hydrocodone after prednisone?

You can take them at the same time, so you don't need to wait.

Can you take pregnancy test to see before next period is due how long?

You can take a pregnancy test whenever you want but it will not be accurate until your period is about 5 days late. Used earlier may give you a false negative result.

How long until the first pill in a pack takes effect?

The first pill does not take effect. Birth control will not prevent pregnancy until you've been on the pill for four weeks.

Can you take a pregnancy test after just one week?

Pregnancy TestNo, you need to wait until at LEAST 4 days before your missed period. If you wait until you miss your period, you will have a better chance of a true result. and my advice would be to take a Digital, as they read the lines for you, and tell you Pregnant or Not Pregnant.

How long after conception do you know if you are pregnant?

The earliest you can take a pregnancy test is 2 weeks after sex. It takes 2 weeks until conception has finished.

How long must you wait until you can take a pregnancy test and it will read accurately?

2 weeks at the earliest but I would leave it 4-6 weeks

How long does a cats pregnancy take?

9 Weeks

How long does the pregnancy of a bat take?

3 Months

How long after intercourse can you take a pregnancy test?

A week