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Q: How long do you stay in the royal marines for when you pass?
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How long do Marines stay at sea?

Until they go back home, obviously

How long does crown royal stay in your system?

from experience, crown royal will stay in your system for a while. i am not an experienced drinker, and i had about a cup. i was completely gone all night long, and the hangover was massive. crown royal is the bomb :]

Where do royal horses stay?

THye stay in royal stables

How long will royal pudding pies stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Royal pudding pies should stay fresh 3 - 4 days in the refrigerator if covered properly.

Can you stay in Marines once injured?

Yes you can

How long can you keep unopened crown royal?

Crown Royal that is unopened can stay practically forever. This is assuming it stays cool and out of the sun.

How long does a bill stay in committee in congress?

to fkn long.. pass hr 2366 already

How long do marines stay away from their families?

They get 30 days leave a year unless fortunate enough to be stationed near them.

How long can you stay on holiday in Bulgaria?

6 month max with EU pass

How long does cocaine stay in your fingernails?

Can u cut your fingernails to pass a drug test

How long did George Vancouver stay in th royal Navy?

he spended around 25 years in the navy

What kind of things do the Marines do in battle?

Kill the enemy, and stay alive.

How long does cocaine stay in your system to pass a drug urine test?

3 to 5 days

How long did a soldier have to stay in the Vietnam war?

US Soldiers did 12 months, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen may have had different schedules.

How long does cigarette smoke stay in your system to pass a urine test?

you can pass a urine test after a day without a cigarette. they don't really stay in your system long, they don't even show up on my drug tests. no they dont i fact i can smoke one right befor a drugtest and still pass it

How long do kings stay as kings for?

For life or until they decide there to old and weak to continue and pass it to there son.

How do you pass a drug test when you have THC in your system?

There are no magic potions that allow you to do drugs and still pass the test. You have to stay clean for long enough that the drugs are out of your system if you want to pass the test.

How long it is possible to stay awake?

After 4 days your brain just stops working and you will just pass out. I would not recommend trying to stay awake for long periods as it can really mess you up.

What terrain do US Marines fight on?

land they usually will invade, not stay around and protect

How Long to stay clean from opiates to pass a urine test?

Scienctests belive not to suk ur own dik

How long does cocaine stay in your system to pass urine drug screen?

Up to 72 hours (3 days)

Where does the British Royal Family stay in Scotland during the summer?

Balmoral Castle, Royal Deeside

How long would you stay at Ellis Island?

it could be a few days to a year, there were many tests you had to pass along with paperwork. if you failed a test or were sick your stay was prolonged

How do you become a Lance Corporal in the Marines?

Stay in, don't get into trouble and do a good job. Some courses will help as well. It doesn't take long, probably less than a year.

Can you have a career in the Marines?

Of course! pick an MOS that you enjoy and your good at and you can keep re enlisting in the Marines and youll stay at the same MOS and continue for the next four years.