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How long does AIDS last for?


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AIDS is not curable, so it lasts until the person expires.


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Sleep aids usually last in your body for less than 24 hours. The sleep aids don't last in the body that long because the companies that make the aids don't want people to risk their lives.

Forever. Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

You have aids the rest of you rlife sorry but it is true since it is in the blood system you can never get rid of it until death

The AIDS virus does not live outside the body for long unless it is enclosed in something or in something bloody. Thus, if you see blood, it could contain AIDS. If someone with AIDS takes off a shirt, that shirt has been exposed to air. All AIDS viruses have been killed. An AIDS virus lives outside the body until it is exposed to air.

Depending on environmental conditions, from an hour or so up to several days.

Magic Johnson retired in 1991. If he found out that he had aids that year he probably contracted it about six years before that (1985). This means as of 2010 he has probably had aids for 25 years. He does NOT have AIDS. He has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is the last stage of the virus, which almost certainly leads to death within two years, whereas one can live with HIV for 20+ years before developing AIDS.

There is no such thing as a "last stage" classification of AIDS. In the United States, a person is given and AIDS diagnosis if their cell counts drop below 200, but it is not classified as "last stage."

Alice keys doesn't have aids.

AIDS stands for Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Yes she did had aids mrs. Felton the producer for the movie the singer said the last time he saw her she was very sick and had aids.

You don't die from AIDs you mongoloid. Of course you die from Aids you idiot, its the final stage of HIV .... the vast majority of people with AIDS die ... but how long it take varies from person to person

AIDS is caused by one thing: long term infection with HIV.

No. AIDS was not recognized as a disease until 1981, long after they had broken up.

It doesn't. It's with you for life. Most people die from Aids

I got rid of this last answer cause last person obviously can't read. No, Lil E does not have HIV/AIDS. He's been tested numerous times.

Her last husband was bisexual and she contracted it from him.

yes i gave them to him last friday. Why?

Negative for AIDS? Well as long as you both are negative to HIV...then you cannot get AIDS. But if you are positive to HIV then you will get AIDS. Even if both are negative, you still need protection, because you shouldn't trust anyone with your life.

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you have full blown aids you can only live 2 years!

You do not necessarily have a burning sensation upon urination with AIDS. You may be confusing AIDS with syphilis and or gonorrhea.jpeppe7

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

A pandemic can last from a few weeks (as in the case of the recent "swine" and "bird" flus), through to a year or two (the "Spanish" influenza) and even decades (as HIV/AIDS is considered a pandemic) or centuries (the Black Death).

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