How long does Appendicitis take to kill you- is it longer than 3 days?


Appendicitis is the infection of the appendix, which is attached to the colon. Appendicitis is very dangerous, as the inflammed appendix could burst at any moment, releasing dangerous bacteria into the abdomen which could kill excessive amounts of healthy tissue. This can occur anywhere from hours after the beginnings of infection to 10 days later. After the appendix ruptures, and infection takes hold, you would need aggressive antibiotics administered intravenously for you to have a fighting chance. Considering the whole process and bacteria replication, you could die hours after the appendix ruptures. See an emergency room or call your doctor immediately.

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I am 12 and when i was Primary 2 i had appendicitis i couldn't move from one position and had to go the doctors they told me i had to go to hospital for an operation i had an operation and im fine now x the doctors said that my appendix was close to busting so if you feel any pains just above your hip and cant move from a position i would advise you to check your temperature and then got to a doctor x

Well actually i had appendicitis and i am 11.I had one of the worst cases and i held it for 11 days so that answers your question if and 11 year old can handle it then u can handle it .That was a mistake of mine because i could hold in the pain it nearly killed me!!! I am OK now but if u have appendicitis don't take the risk go to the doctors they will send you to a hospital

Another person: I actually lasted a whole month before I found out it was appendicitis, except it didn't rupture, it was slit open by a piece of fecal matter that had calcified when it didn't flush out. They couldn't operate on me until 4 months after we had found out because I had to take alot of antibiotics to get rid of the infection.