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How long does Darvocet stay in your system?


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September 19, 2010 3:38PM

72 hours per my 3 pharmicist asked...

When I worked in rehab the lab that tested for us said 7 days.

Around 7-8 days.

Darvocets will stay in your system anywhere from 3-7 days after last use is discontinued. It depends on how much of it is contained in your metabolites in your body. Metabolites are usually excreted through bodily fluids. If your urine sample is going to be sent to a lab they will more than likely test for Propoxyphene which is the synthetic narcotic in Darvocet. . They specifically tested for Propoxyphene which is the synthetic narcotic (related to Methadone) that is the key ingredient in Darvocet. However if it is one of those cup tests where they test on the spot you give the urine sample more than likely Propoxyphene will not even be on there. So to be safe give yourself at least a week and drink plenty of fluids. It just depends on how much you have in your system and how much fluid you are passing. With any drug test coming up always drink plenty of water to flush out your system.