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Their affair lasted for exactly nine days before Gabriel ended it.

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Gabriel and Esther's affair lasts for several months.

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Q: How long does Gabriel and Esther's affair last?
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How long will a marriage last if it was started by an affair?

Not for so long.

How long did Alan Jackson and leann womack's affair last?

10 years

How long does an extramarital affair last?

Usually as long as it takes for one of the other party in a marriage, to start suspecting and discovering the affair, which generally leads to separation and divorce. The affair, then may continue but is no longer called an affair but a relationship or a concubinage. ANSWER: It depends if the spouse can keep his or her affair as long as he or she wanted it to go. But in reality there are some who still continued even though the affair is been discovered.

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What is a long drive in a love affair?

I think it means that it's a love affair that goes on for a long time.

Is it possible for a married man not to get feelings towards his mistress when they were friends b4 affair and the affair lasted 7 mths?

It could but I doubt it. He will not last this long with his affair if he don't have feelings for her, after all they were friends before, and being friends shared a lot of things when it comes to their own private life. This married man might not admit how he feels for her but believe me he have feelings for her. If all he desires is sex, it will not last 7 months.

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ANSWER:I think it depends on individual. Affairs can and will be complex and hurtful to people who's being cheated on. There are affairs that last years even months if the the married man is careful and smart. But there are also affair that only last months because it was discovered. It all depends.Another answer:Should? It should last less than 2 seconds, because one party is a scumbag and the other is being treated like dirt. As soon as the abused party gets tired of it, the affair will end.

How long do affairs with married men last?

As long as the mistress is willing to accept being treated like yesterday's trash. The affair will end the day she threatens to tell the wife, or she dumps his sorry, cheating butt.

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