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59 minutes

15 - 3 minute rounds equals 45.

14 - 1 minute rest periods equals 14.

45 + 14 = 59.

Note: The bout is over after the 15 rounds, so the rest periods are only between rounds 1 to 14.

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Who won the long count boxing match?

Gene Tunney won the long count boxing match.

How long is a boxing ring?

3 minutes a round of tournament ,6 rounds 10 rounds 12 rounds for one professional boxing match

How many minutes in 12-round boxing match?

Each round is 3 minutes long with a 1 minute break in-between

How many rounds was the long bare knuckle boxing match?

I may be wrong, but I think there was no limit on the number or rounds in bare knuckle boxing, so that a match would likely end with a knockout. Boxing gloves and round limits were among several additions intended to make boxing more humane.

How long does a championship boxing match last for?

A championship boxing match lasts 12 3 minute rounds

How long is an amateur boxing match?

3 rounds

How long is a round?

Please be more specific: a round of what? Golf? Boxing? Singing?

How long intermission between rounds a boxing match?


How long is a boxing round?

3:00 mintues for pro's and most other boxing organizations

How long does each boxing round last for?

Each round lasts three minutes.

How many minutes is a -12 round boxing match?

Not including the minute long rest periods between rounds, 36 minutes (12 X 3)

How long was a boxing match in the ancient Olympics?

one to three minutes

How many minutes are there in a 7-round boxing match?

Well if each round is 3 minutes long, and they have a 1 minute rest period between each round, the answer is 27 minutes. They box for 21 minutes, and they rest after each round from 1 to 6, and that is why the answer comes out to 27 minutes.

How long is a simi pro boxing round?

"Semi pro" boxing is a reference from the old days but...really their isn't such a thing.

How long is it between rounds in boxing?

60 seconds between each round.

How long was a boxing match in the 1920s?

15 rounds. That was changed in the 1980's, however.

How long does a 15 round boxing fight take from start to finish?

60 minutes

How long is a round in boxing?

The length of a professional boxing round for men is 3 mins and women are 2 mins. The length of an amature boxing round is 2 min for boys or men with under 10 fights and 3 min rounds for boys or men over 10 fights. Girls and younger kids are 1 and a half mins a round.

How long would a 12 round boxing game go for?

If each round lasts three minutes, then the entire game would be 47 minutes long (including breaks.)

Who did boxer Jack Dempsey lose the Long Count boxing match to on September 22 1927?

Gene Tunney

Can a non championship boxing match go 12 rounds?

No it does not go that long it may last three rounds only.

Why are boxing matches 3 minutes per round?

because 4 minutes would be a minute too long..

Who won Jack Dempseys boxing match with Gene Tunney?

Tunney won both fights, and it's believed Dempsey only won one round out of the 20 they fought in total. That was in the second fight when Jack floored Tunney in the famous Long Count.

How long has boxing been around for?

how long have boxing been around?

How long is a boxing match?

Boxing is a combat sport that utilizes several styles of punches and movements in order to best an opponent. In both amateur and professional versions, the fighters wear padded gloves, attacking only with the front of the fist. In professional boxing each round usually lasts for three minutes and there may be 4-12 rounds in a bout. The winner is the one who knocks out his opponent or is judged to be the winner at the end of the bout or if the referee or ring side doctor stops the fight. Boxing is also called Pugilism and prizefighting.