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It lasts for 1 billion years.

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Q: How long does a Great White Spot last?
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The great white spot is a stom that last how long?

i think the great white spot lasts approximately a year.

How long does the Great White Spot storm last?

They last about a month and can be seen about every 30 earth years.

How long does the Great White Spot last?

The Great White Spot shows up on Saturn about every 30 Earth years and it always looks like a bright spot of light. The Great White Spot only lasts about a month though so it's something not to be missed.

The great white spot lasts approximately how long?

i think the great white spot lasts approximately a year.

The great white spot's storm lasts how long?

A Month A Month

How long does the great dark spot on Neptune last?

2 earth years

Did the great red spot last long?

Yes, at least 400 years.

What is the large known for the great red spot?

Jupiter has had a great red spot for as long as telescopes have been trained on it - i.e., for at least the last 400 years. The great red spot (which is a storm) seems to be disappearing, though.

How long has a storm on Saturn lasted?

The Great White Spot on Saturn lasts for around 30 years.

Why did the Great Dark Spot on Neptune disappear?

In 1989, Voyager 2 flew by Neptune and photographed a Great Dark Spot about the size of Earth. Like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the Great Dark Spot was probably a giant storm. But the storm didn't last long. Images taken fice years later showed that the Great Dark Spot was gone.

How long is a Great White?

a great white is 3-4 school bus's long

How long does a great white live?

nobody really knows how long a great white lives

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