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One southern Gastric Brooding frog has lived in captivity for 3 years.

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Where do platypus frogs live?

Gastric-brooding frogs a.k.a Platypus frogs lived in Queensland, Australia but they became extinct in the 1980s. The two species were found in rainforest areas of the Clarke Range in Eugella National Park (Northern Gastric-brooding frog) and Blackall Range and Conondale Ranges (Southern Gastric-brooding frog).In Australia

What animals live in southern Ontario?

some of the animals that live in southern Ontario are mice, cows frog tortle zebra

Where does the sheep frog live?

The sheep frog lives in several places in the world. They live in southern Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Caribbean lowlands.

Where does the fire bellied frog live?

The fire bellied frogs live in northeastern China, Korea, Southern Japan, And southern parts of Russia.

Where does the Corroboree Frog live?

The Corroboree frogs are considered to be among the world's endangered species. They are mainly found in the southern parts of Australia. The corroboree frogs live in the Southern Tablelands of Australia.

Do frogs like to have frog friends?

It depends on the type of frog. Some frogs, like the southern brown tree frog, love and most of the time live with other frogs. While some frogs are so territorial that they will fight to the death.

Can you freeze a frog?

If you freeze a live frog, it will kill the frog. You can; however, freeze a dead frog.

What is the function of the nerves on a frog?

It helps the frog live. Can humans live without nerves?

What regions does a frog live in?

It depends what kind of frog it is

Where does the rain frog live?

Well it lives in forests, green lands, and rural gardens. It is threatened by habitat loss. The rain frog is found in southern areas of Africa. See the link below for more information.

Way do frog live in ponds?

frogs live in pond environment .list three frog adaptation and describe how they help the frog survive

What frogs live in the Yarra River Australia?

The striped marsh frog, pobblebonk, whistling Verreau frog, brown tree frog, growling grass frog and the spotted marsh frog live in the Yarra River.

Why frog live in the pond?

Coz frog like water

Can a frog and a hermit crab live in the same habitat?

No because if a frog live in the same habitat the frog would be pinched all over and it will die

What frogs live in Ricmond Virginia?

Bullfrog, green frog, pickerel frog, spring peeper, chorus frog, leopard frog, tree frog.

Does the average frog live with another frog?

The only time a frog lives with another frog in the wild in during courtship and mating.

Where does the tree frog live?

The tree frog only lives in trees

What are some frogs that live in Africa?

Goliath frog (the biggest frog)

Where does the coqui frog live?

the coqui frog lives in Puerto Rico

What is an tennager frog called?

frog can live only for 9 years

Where does the coqui frog live at?

The coqui frog lives in Puerto Rico.

What kind of frog can live in water with fish?

The Sam Crowe frog

What frogs live in the Murray river?

The Murray River spans a huge length through southeastern Australia into South Australia. Some of the frogs found in and near the Murray River include:Corroboree frogBooroolong frogPobblebonk frog (seriously - it really is called that)Snowy Mountains Banjo frog (only in the upper alpine regions near the Murray's source)Eastern Banjo frogSouthern Banjo frog

How long does the frog fish live for?

the frog fish can live up to 10-14 years

Can you be on the eat to live diet with the gastric bypass?

After the gastric bypass surgery, patients are required to follow the gastric bypass diet intended for them. So far, it is the only diet recommended for them.

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