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How long does a cougar live with its parents?

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Cougars stay with their mothers, who raise them until around the age of two years old. Occasionally, males will leave sooner.

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Who were Barley's parents?

Mariah and Cougar

How long do giraffes live with their parents?

a baby giraffe will live with its parents for 15 years

How long do bobcats live with their parents?

they live there parents up to 1 or 2 years

Can a cougar live in a rainforest?

Yes, because a cougar is the same as a panther, which live in all sorts of places, and the rain forest has all kinds of food for a cougar.

How long do starfish live with their parents?

they live about 10 to 20 years with there parents depending on their size

Who would win a fight Cougar or Guan Long?


How many feet long is a cougar?

7 feet long! Wouldn't it depend on the cougar? It might be a cougar with genetics to be long, or maybe short. That's like asking how long is a piece of rope.

Where does the endangered cougar live at?

They live near Santa.

How long do horses live with their parents?

it depends

How long can a cougar live?

Cougars are fierce hunters and primarily hunt at night. Female cougars typically out live males, who live roughly 12 years in the wild.

Where does the cougar live?

in the woodlands of Canada

How long does a cougar sleep?

A cougar sleeps for as long as it likes, I suppose. They are probably like domestic cats, you know.

Is a cougar as tall or as long as a dog?

A cougar is longer and taller than a dog.

How does a cougar care for its young?

How long does a mother cougar take care of her babies

How long is the gestation period of a cougar?

A cougar has a gestation period of 92 days.

What climate does a cougar live in?

cougars can live in Amy climate

Does the couger live in the grassland?

The cougar does live in the grasslands Follow me:)

How long do snakes live with there parents?

snakes stay with their parents for about two weeks after they hatch, then their parents abandon them.

How could a baby box turtle live with out there parents?

yes it could as long as it has food and things to live as if it was living with its parents!

In which countries does the cougar live?

The cougar lives in all countries in North, South and Central America.

How long does it take for a cougar to be born?

The gestation period of a cougar is approximately 91 days.

Do the bobcat and cougar live in South America?


Do cougars live in the grassland biome?

The cougar does live in the Grassland biome.

Where do tigers live in Louisiana?

No tigers live in Asia. If you live in Louisiana the closest you can get is a cougar.

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Not as long as you are a minor.

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