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4 hours

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Does a jersey cow sleep?


Can you put a cow to sleep?


Where do crow sleep at night?

at night cow sleep under tree

Where did the Anglo Saxons sleep?

with me

Does a cow still sleep lying down when its head is straight or do they only sleep when its turned in?

They sleep both ways.

How dos a cow go to sleep?

with there eyes closed!

What is a long horn cow?

A Long horn cow is a cow with long horns, however Longhorns are a breed, typically referring to the Texas Longhorns.

How long does a sea otter sleep and how does it sleep?

How long does a sea otter sleep and how does it sleep?

How long after giving birth can a cow fall pregnant?

How long after a cow gives birth does she cycle

What do you call a cow 9 months pregnant?

A heavily pregnant cow, or a long-bred cow. Or, a cow that is expecting soon.

Can cows sleep on their back?

Cattle, and other large herbivores cannot sleep on their back. In fact, they cannot lay down for over long periods of time as it begins to affect their breathing. If a cow has been laying down for a long time it may be sign that it is ill or hurt.

How long do lemurs sleep?

how long do lemers sleep

When did Cow milking start?

Cow milking started long long time ago before slavery.

How long is milking period for a highland cow?

As long as any other cow, which is from 6 to 10 months.

How long does a dairy cow lactate for?

A healthy dairy cow will produce milk for about 300 days, this will vary from cow to cow and breed to breed.

How long does it take a cow to mature?

A cow is already mature, because a cow is a female mature bovine that has had a calf.

Why do cow sleep standing?

Cows don't sleep standing up, although they do often doze while standing and can look as though they're sleeping. They lie down to sleep.

How long do you milk a cow?

You milk a cow until the milk stops flowing.

How long do you milk a pregnant cow?

For as long as you would milk a cow that just had her calf. It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to milk out a cow (sometimes longer, especially with a cow with a huge udder like a Holstein).

How long do tigers sleep?

Tigers usually sleep as long as humans do.

How many hours does a cow sleep?

Around 2 or 3 hours per day.

How long does a jersey cow gives milk?

A Jersey cow will give milk for 10 months or as long as 2 years.

When do a monkey sleep?

how long does the monkey sleep?

How long do termites sleep?

they don't sleep.

How long do a shark sleep for?

they dnt sleep