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Q: How long does a lavender last for?
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How long did Billy Barker's marriage last with Jane Lavender?

William Barker, also known as "billy barker' was married to Jane Lavender (his first wife) for 14 years.

When was The Long Lavender Look created?

The Long Lavender Look was created in 1970.

How do you grow lavender?

to grow a lavender u will need seeds and water and soil and last of all but not the least nutrition oh and don't forget to give it sunlight too.

What cp color shade won?

Maroon in last then lavender the winner is aqua

How long does it take for a lavender plant to grow?

about 4 years

How long does it take for lavender seeds to sprout?

23 years

Will Lavender Brown Be In The last Harry Potter film?

She might be but nothing has been confirmed.

How long blood can be preserved in lavender top vacutainer?

24 hours

How do you get to Mr. Fuji on Pokemon Blue?

He is on the last floor inside the memorial cemetery in Lavender Town.

Who is Ron weasley dating?

In the sixth one he dated Lavender Brown, and in the last one Hermione.

What is the order of draw for a lavender top SST a green top and a plain red top?

The order of draw would be the red top first, the green top second, and last would be the lavender top

Where do you find team rocket at Lavender town in Soulsilver?

after you beat them at mohagony town,i THINK that's the last of them.

Does lavender repel ants?

Lavender can be used to repel ants. They do not like the smell of it. You can use dried lavender, lavender oil or lavender plants around the home.

The order of draw you a multi-tube draw?

Sterile, Light Blue, Red, Gold, Green, Lavender, or Gray. ie "Lavender last" rule is true unless you have a test requiring the gray tube which contains oxalate.

What is the name of the yellow lavender?

Also called true lavender or fine lavender

Blue plus black equals what colour?


What is lavender oil called in urdu?


What animals will eat lavender plants?

rabbits, they can eat some lavender leaves

What taste is lavender honey?

lavender honey is the honey which is taken from lavender plants by bees.......

What is the birth name of Joe Lavender?

Joe Lavender's birth name is Joseph Lavender.

How long is the journey from paya lebar mrt station to lavender MRTstation in Singapore?

5 min

How big is a lavender flower?

a single flower is only a few millimeters long. the bloom, of hundreds of flowers, is 3-4 cm long on top of a long stem

What is the bengali word for lavender?


Do goats eat lavender?

Yes they can and do eat lavender.

How many cups are in one pound of lavender?

There are 15 to 16 cups of lavender in a pound of lavender.