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Q: How long does a lochness monster stay alive?
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How long does the eyes stay alive after death?

The eyes can stay alive for 25 hrs.

How long does eye stay alive after death?

The eyes can stay alive for 25 hrs.

How long can sperm stay alive if collected in a sealed container?

how long can sperm stay alive if kept in a sealed container until incerting into the vagina?

How long do kittens stay alive?

kittens stay alive for 15 years

How long blood will stay alive?

blood will stay alive only till 5 seconds

How long do white tigers stay alive?

I think they stay alive for maybe 10-13 yrs.?

How long after ejaculating does sperm stay alive in the penis?

sperm can stay alive in the penis 12-24 hours after ejaculation.

How long can slider turtles stay in water?

Forever. How long can they stay alive underwater? It depends.

How long can semen stay alive on your penis?

Not very long

How long do flies stay alive?

how long do the flies they live in your house

How long does the xbox 360 elite stay alive?

As long as you want it to.

How long does Frankenstein stay the university after he created the monster?

5 years

How long does a dog usually stay alive for?

Most dogs (of no health issues) usually stay alive for 13-15 (or longer) years

How long do evergreen trees stay alive?

"Ever" green means just that. They stay alive until a fire, insects, or they are chopped down.

How long do fleas stay alive?

Fleas will stay alive outdoors until winter after the first few frosts, but indoors they can live for YEARS

What do Gila monster do in the winter months to keep warm?

They stay in burrows underground and have fat stored in their tails to keep them alive.

How long do roses stay alive for?

It depends on the region

How long does a flower stay alive?

1 year

How long can dolphins stay alive?

about 25 years

How long can worm stay alive?

1 day

How long does semen stay alive once its out in the air?

Close to 48hrs

Which type of flower will stay alive the longest?

It is not known which flower will stay alive the longest. However, it is thought that one flower that can stay alive a long time is the Globe Amaranth.

How long does monster bath salts stay in system?

6 - 7 years.

How long can an average Tick stay alive without food?

I have a tick in a bottle that I caught 8 months ago. All he needs is moisture to stay alive.

How long does an ovum stay alive?

12-24 hours.