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Approximately 28 days or so.

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How long does a dog stay preagant?

All breeds of dog have the same gestation period; about 60 days.

How long does the female fish stay pregnant?

it depends on what kind of fish

How long do baby fish stay with their mother?

It depends on the type of fish.

How long does fish stay fresh in the refrigerator?

it will stay good for about three days

How long do star fish stay with their mother?


How long can a freshwater fish stay out of water?


How long do fish stay with there parents?

25 years

How long do fish need to stay with mom?

Species dependant.

How long does smoked fish stay fresh?

Smoked fish does. of stay fresh long after it is opened. It is recommended that after being opened and refrigerated it not be kept or consumed for more than three days.

How long can puffer fish stay puffed up?

they can stay puffed up for three days

How long can a shark shark stay under water?

It can stay underwater all its life because it is a fish.

How long do rainbow parrot fish stay with their mother?

about seven years

How long does raw fish stay fresh in the fridge?

1 day

How long can defrosted fish stay good in refrigerator?

3 days.

How long does a fish stay pregnant?

guppies stay pregnant for about a month before giving birth, other fish take longer, and others lay eggs (don't get pregnant). depends on the fish

How long can a whale shark stay underwater?

Quite a long time since it's a fish.

How long do tropical fish live for?

They can roughly stay alive for about 2-10 years depending on the kind of fish you have.

How long does uncooked fish stay in the refrig?

Fresh fish is best used within a day or two of purchase.

How long do fish stay pregnant?

up to as long as 4 months some fish only 3 months and they usually they will died after laying eggs

How long can fish stay out of water?

umm for about 5 to 8 mins and then it will die

How long will raw fish stay good?

3-4 Days, max.

How long will cooked fish stay fresh in the refrigerator?

3 days or so

How long does omega 3 fish oil stay in your system?

60 hrs

How long can uncooked fish stay at room temperature?

about 30-45 min

How long can salt water fish stay alive on fresh water?