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drug test

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2012-05-21 22:07:54
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Q: How long does a narcotic pain pill stay in the system?
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How long does the pain pill Roxie stay in your system?

All narcotic/opiate pain meds such as percocet vicatin oxycodone oxycontin are all visible in your system for 3-5 days depending on how many and how often you take them

What is a white oblong pill with 377 on it?

This pill is likely Tramadol 50 mg. It is a mild non-narcotic pain pill.

What is pill 4839?

The pill with the imprint 4839 is Acetaminophen-Oxycodone. Acetaminophen-Oxycodone is used for the treatment of pain and is classified as a narcotic.

How long does it take to get one pain pill out of your system?

15-20 minutes

Is flexril a narcotic?

is a flexril pill a narcotic

What are the what are the different affects between Vicodin and Valium?

Vicodin is a narcotic (pain pill) and Valium is a anti anxiety

Is the G31 pill strong?

Yes the white oblong pill, labeled G 31, is a generic version for Oxycodone 10/325.

What is an m366 pill?

M366 pill is generic Vicodin 7.5/500, a mild narcotic pain reliever. Each pill contains 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 500 mg of acetaminophen.

A white pill with ip 112 0n the back what kind of pill is it?

Apparently this is Lortab, a narcotic pain reliever. Contains 500mg Acetaminophen and 7.5mg Hydrocodone.

How long does a pain pill stay in your system and blood?

An opiate will stay in your system for 3-4 days where you can fail a "drug test".

Is a dilota small flat round orange?

Dialudid is an opioid pain medication. It is sometimes called a narcotic. Dlaudid is used to tread moderate to severe pain. The pill is a small round pink/orange pill.

White round pill with an and 627?

Generic Name: tramadol (TRAM a dol) Ultram is a narcotic-like pain reliever.

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