How long does a plastic bag take to biodegrade?

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Plastics in general are not considered biodegradable due to their molecular stability. Plastics do not easily break down into simpler components.

A plastic bag will break down into smaller pieces of plastic, but that is not the same as biodegrading.

Some estimates are 500 years to degrade, some more conservative are 1000 years. The bags will photodegrade, but that will take a long time, hence the 500-1000 year estimate. The problem is there are no bacteria breaking down the plastic. Eventually some may evolve to do so, but science may need to step in and speed the process along.
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How long does it take for a plastic bag to decompose?

500 years. It would depend on the composition of the plastic bag and itsdisposal environment. Plastic bags can take hundreds of years todecompose. Some supermarkets implemente

How long does it take for plastic bag to disintegrate?

Plastic in general takes about 1,000 years. just in case this helps: . banana -- 3 to 4 weeks . paper bag -- 1 month . cotton rag -- 5 months . Rope- 10-14 months . wo

How long does it take for a plastic bag to decay?

There are many items that end up in landfills, but take years todecay. Oftentimes, these items could be recycled instead of justthrown away. Take, for instance, a plastic bag.

How long does in take to make a plastic bag?

it takes about about as long to go to the north pole,talk to santa, get a flying pig, and come back just in time to eat some nice red jelly beans

How long will it take for a plastic bottle to biodegrade?

An average time for a plastic bottle to biodegrade fully is approximately 4-5 mins. However, there are many different kinds of plastic in the world, most commonly the hard and

Are plastic bags biodegradable?

no it is not biodegradable ------------- There are now a large range of bags which are biodegradable. These are still not used in great numbers across the commercial world