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How long does a royal palm tree live?


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a royal palm tree can live between 12 and 15 years


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How do you call it when you trim a royal palm tree

a average palm tree can live about 50-70 years

All plants eventually die. See the question "How long does a palm tree live?"

The royal palm tree, or roystonea regia, reproduces by producing unisexual flowers that must be pollinated by animals. Honey bees and bats are common pollinators for the royal palm.

I think that is is 2 weeks. However I am not sure!

it usually lives between 10-50 years. The Queen palm has various growing problems, if you want your tree to live a long live care for it.

palm tree is a plant that found in gardens.

Royal Palm, Roystonea regia, is a pinnate palm common in South Florida. Google "Roystonea regia" on Google Images.

For the trunk use a chainsaw if it´s a Royal palm or similar. Nikki

a palm tree can live for over a 100 years!

Dah it is obvious 500 years the they fall overDah it is obvious 500 years the they fall over

I don't know, but they grow to an average 60ft in height

The Palm Tree's biome is the desert.

on average a cocconut palm tree lives for 50-70 year

The national tree of Cuba is the royal palm tree, also called the roystonea regia. This tree is native to the island of Cuba.

Palm trees in the desert usually live near oasis and collect there water from there

The average lifespan of a palm tree is up to around 150 years old. Their life spans differ depending on care and climate.

One can visit a local nursery that sells trees and flowers for a live palm tree. If one is looking for a fake palm tree, one could visit a home decor store and purchase an indoor palm tree for decoration.

Royal palm trees are popular in many warm, coastal landscapes, particularly in southern Florida and parts of California. There are ten species of Royal palm, also know as Rosina, around the world. They can be found in the Caribbean, Central and South American, Florida, Texas and California.

Dates are a fruit from a palm tree, but only a special kind of palm tree, a date palm. Your average palm tree you see as decoration or landscaping will not produce a date. So, a date tree is a palm tree, but not all palm trees are date trees.

The pindo palm tree takes 12-24 months to mature. This palm does well in containers and is hardy up to Zone 8.

Royal Palm trees are common in tropical parts of Florida. They also grow in the Caribbean,and the adjacent coasts of Central and South America. They are also quite abundant in Cuba.

The life span of a Palm tree is up to 150 years.

Sand + tree will make a palm tree.

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