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The Palm tree...

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a dic

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Q: What tree do fingers and thumbs grow on?
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Does a catfish have opposable thumbs?

A catfish does not have any thumbs at all, let alone opposable thumbs. Fish do not have limbs from which they grow fingers or thumbs; they have fins.

Are thumbs fingers?

thumbs are not fingers because fingers have three joints and thumbs have two

What has fingers and thumbs besides humans?

Primates also have fingers and thumbs.

What are all fingers and thumbs?

The fingers and thumbs (along with your toes) are called phalanges (fil-an-jees).

Does thumbs count as fingers?

the awnser is no thumbs do not count as a finger i don't know why but i know it's not a finger so for the people who holds up 8 fingers and 2 thumbs and says "how many fingers am i holding up" say "8 fingers and 2 thumbs because thumbs do not count as a finger".

How many fingers are there on 165158 people?

Well, if you count thumbs as fingers; 825,790. If not including thumbs; 660,632.

How many fingers have human?

Most humans have 10 fingers, including their thumbs.

How many fingers does a human have?

All thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs. A human has 10 fingers at birth and as long as he or she does not suffer an injury that separates one or more fingers from the hand

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The same way all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs.

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yes they have got five fingers Although kangaroos have five fingers, or rather, claws, they do not have "thumbs".

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we have eight fingers and two thumbs! NOT TEN FINGERS!

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You have 8 fingers 2 thumbs.

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