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How long does a sheep live?

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Sheep can live up to 13 years. The minimum lifespan would be 8 years. The most a sheep may live is 20 years depend on their health and productivity.

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How long do big horn sheep live?

big horn sheep live about 46-95 years

How long do sheep live?

Domestic sheep ( ovis aries ) live 12 -20 years.

How long does a Lincoln sheep live?

15 to 20

How long do ibex live for?

name of sheep haouse

How long do Ibex live?

name of sheep haouse

How long do barbados sheep live for?

A Barbados sheep will live ten to 12 years. It will depend on its living conditions, and if it wild or domesticated.

How long does a lamb live?

11 months. Then it becomes a sheep.

How long does a suffolk sheep live?

10-12 years

Do sheep live in Africa?

Yes sheep can live in Africa. Sheep can live almost anywhere.

How long can a sheep live up to?

The life expectancy of sheep is between 10 and 12 years. The current world record for the oldest sheep is 23 years.

Where do sheep live in?

What do you mean "Where do sheep live in?" They live in sheds or outside in the fields.

Where do horses and sheep live?

Horses and sheep live at farms

How long did dolly the sheep live?

Dolly lived to be 6 years old.

How long does a ewe live for?

The life expectency of sheep averages about 12 years.

Where sheep live?

Sheep live everywhere in the country, like farms where they live on pastures.

Where do sheep mainly live on mine craft?

no lots of sheep live

How long can a bighorn sheep live for?

They can live up to 16-18 years at the most. But most of them live 7-8 years.

How long did the cloned sheep Dolly live?

Ans- Dolly the sheep was born on 5th July 1996 and she lived until the age of six.

Can sheep live on pasture?

yes sheep can.

Where don't sheep live?

Sheep live in fields I think and probably barns! I've seen sheep in fields so that's probably where they live!

What biome do sheep live in?

In Minecraft sheep live in different biomes. They can live in swamp, plains, and mushroom biomes. Sheep are animals that are commonly seen in Minecraft.

Difference between long horn sheep and big horn sheep?

Long horn sheep have long horns big horn sheep are big and have big horns!

Which city produces the most sheep?

Sheep don't live in cities they live in the country.

Do sheep live in India?

Yes there are sheep in India

When was Live at the Black Sheep created?

Live at the Black Sheep was created on 2002-08-26.

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