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I'm a cook in nyc. I start my day at 9 AM and don't get out of the kitchen until 11 PM. Get home around 12, sleep and wake up at 7:30. I do this 6 days a week and on my feet the whole time. I only sit down when there's a seat on the subway and in the bed. The chef even works longer. This business isn't for weak people.... it is the hardest industry you can get into by far.

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How many hours does an executive chef work?

they work for 13 hours a day.

Job description and work conditions for a chef?

Some large kitchens have more than one chef on the payroll. The chef's are the chiefs of the kitchen, they oversee the production of the food that is served to their customers. It can be a stressfull job and with long hours, up to fifty hours a week is not uncommon. The executive chef is responsible for the huge amount of paper work that is required, while the sous chef is in charge of the cooks and general operations of the kitchen on a day to day basis. The sous chef reports directly to executive chef.

What is the difference between an executive chef and chef de cuisine?

Chef de cuisine is the working chef in the restaurant & in charge of the kitchen & execution of what's coming out of the kitchen. Whereas, the executive chef oversees all staff & restaurant(s) & doesn't do the day-to-day cooking.

What does a pastry chef do on an average day of work?

it depends

How many hours do chefs work a day?

depending on the restaurant the chef works for depends on the amount of hours, if its a low paid chef they'd work about 7 hours and a high paid chef would work about 13-14 hours a day

What is a typical work day for a chef?

To cook. It is quite obvious.

What would be a typical day for a chef?

very long hours

What is the executive chef responsible for?

The executive chef has many responsibilities. Not only are they responsible for all of the food which comes out of the kitchen, but they are also responsible for hiring and training staff, plan menus, order food, and estimate how much food should be prepared each day.

How many gallons of water in a 12ftx30in round pool?

to. Director-General Address of marriott hotels head office? to apply and develop my many years of experience and qualification in the field of international cuisine and especially in Executive pastry chef and acting Executive chef into a unique well reputed master in this trade chef Imam Thank you and have a great day ! Best regards wishes for success

What does the chef de cuisine do?

Chef de Cuisine is typically the highest ranking chef of a large restaurant or fine dining establishment, who still actually comes in contact with the food being served. Traditionally the head of Escoffier's classical kitchen brigade, typically, Chef de Cuisine is under only the Executive Chef or Site Manager, in which case the Executive Chef usually handles executive level operational and financial concerns, whereas the Chef de Cuisine creates the menu and specials, is the head of the kitchen in terms of hiring and firing staff, writes the recipes being used, and handling the day to day financial and operational aspects of running a well oiled machine. The Chef de Cuisine will receive the most credit for the dishes being served, and/or the restaurant itself, as he will assume the most responsibility, by continuously placing his or her head on the chopping block so to speak.

What does a second chef do?

A Second Chef is actually the Sous Chef, who is second in command of the kitchen. Generally this position has responsibilities that include, but are not limited to the day-to-day running of the kitchen, standing in for the Executive Chef when they are unavailable, scheduling, training, and overseeing and insurance of a smooth running service kitchen. They need to know how to plan a menu, have a firm grip on food and labor cost, sanitation, purchasing, equipment, and of course, proper food preparation and storage.

Draw a hierarchy of a large kitchen brigade?

* Executive Chef - This is the manager of the kitchen responsible for supervision, creation of the menu, and the business side of the kitchen. An executive chef obviously is very experienced in cooking, but their day to day work may involve very little hands-on cooking. * Chef de Cuisine - This is the hands-on individual in charge of everything going on in the kitchen. Sometimes a chef de cuisine may be the individual in charge of one location of a chain, or related set, of restaurants. Also, the titles executive chef and chef de cuisine may sometimes be used interchangeably. * Sous Chef - The sous chef is second in line in the kitchen. Also, a sous chef may be in charge of the kitchen when the executive chef or chef de cuisine is absent. Conversely, the sous chef may take over for any of the line cooks that may be missing. * Expediter or Announcer - This is the individual who serves as liaison between the dining room and the kitchen. The expediter announces orders as well as checking dishes before they are taken into the dining room. Gordon Ramsay frequently serves in this role on Hell's Kitchen. * Chef de Partie or Line Cook - Each of these chefs or cooks are in charge of a particular portion of the kitchen's service. Among the line cooks in the traditional French brigade system: ** Saute Chef - Responsible for all sauces and sauteed items. This is traditionally the top position among chefs de partie. ** Fish Chef - All of the fish dishes and the butchering and fabrication of the fish as well. ** Roast Chef - The responsibility for all roasted and braised meats. ** Grill Chef - This role may be combined with the roast chef and is responsible for all grilled foods. ** Fry Chef - As the title implies, this position is responsible for all fried items. ** Vegetable Chef - This chef is usually responsible for all the vegetables, soups, pastas, and starches. This is one of the roles most likely to have other cooks underneath the head chef. ** Roundsman - A chef who may work in any area and fill in wherever needed. ** Cold-Foods Chef - This position is sometimes referred to as pantry chef and is in charge of cold salads, appetizers, pates, etc. ** Butcher - Responsible for butchering and fabricating meat and poultry, but often leaves fish to the fish chef. ** Pastry Chef - Holds the responsibility for baked goods, pastries, and sweets. This is another position that may have several other cooks underneath the head chef.

How many days per week does a chef work?

10 days a week at least and 25 hours a day i am an expierienced chef. **EDIT- (Someone has to fix this, because there are only 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day.)

Personal Chef?

form_title=Personal Chef form_header=Pamper yourself or others and hire a personal chef! Do you have any diet or allergy restrictions?= () Yes () No If so, what are they?=_ How long would you like to hire a personal chef?=_ How many meals a day would you like prepared?= {(),1,2,3,4,More}

What does a chef do on a day to day basis?

cook you idiot

What are the average shifts for an executive chef?

Varies from restaurants to hotels, varies from sizes to capacity of kitchen crowd, also the intensity of work and pressure from the top directors. Looking at my Exec Chef's position now, he's been running no shifts, but rather work the whole day through. Sometimes from morning all the way to the night, then he has to do Sales and Marketing, later come back and serve guests of honor, do surveys, go for executive meetings, run roadshows, teach his cooking classes, etc. An executive chef has too many things to do, and 8 hours is not sufficient. Don't understand why? I have a simple post here that states the very few of it, that many fail to abide by.

How long is the average work day for a psychologist?

They uasally work 12 hours a day

Would you have to work day or night to be an architect?

you can work day or night as long as you do your job

How long do you have to work out every day?

they work every day except Sunday you can work out on Sunday but work out half the time you do.

How long is a regular work day for a carpenter?

Usually 8 hours is a regular work-day.

Where is Anthony Bourdain currently a chef?

Though he is not there every day, he is currently the executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles and lives in Manhattan. He has a TV show and has written a number of books, articles and blogs, and appears to be expanding into as many forms of media as he can. These take him away from daily presence at the restaurant.

Career objectives of a chef?

A trained chef has several options to choose as career objectives. He or she could choose to become a sous chef, a pastry chef, or a head chef. The chef might even one day open and run his or her own restaurant.

How long does an chef work every day?

The length of a chef's day depends on where he works. If he is in "heaven," someone else worries about all of the rest of the duties of a restaurant in a day he works 8 hours, then he goes home to his happy home. However, in reality, many chefs work for themselves, or in partnership with a few other people, and many work long, grueling hours. It isn't unheard of for a chef to start work at 6am and not go home until 11 or midnite. However, we ARE human, and not robots, so this type of schedule often means that burnout is likely. I think in my experience, most chefs start at about noon or mid afternoon, and leave after closing, usually late at night.

How long do meteorologist have to work a day?

usually they work 8 in a day but, sometimes more if the weather requires it.

How long did slaves work?

All day

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