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Their life span is approximately 40 years.

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How long to camels live for?

you fell for it

How long to camels live?

12 years

How long can camels live in the desert without food?

a long time

Do camels eat crabs?

No. Camels are herbivores- they eat plants. They also live on land, a long way from where crabs live in the ocean.

How long can camels live?

The average life expectancy of a camel is 40 to 50 years.Camels can live to be up to 50 years old.

Do camels live in the savanna?

Camels live in the savannah after they get old enough to fend for themselves. They can survive in the dry land for long periods of time.

Can camels live in India?

Camels do live in india.

How long can a camel live up to?

Camels live up to 10 to 12 years.

What is a camels lifespan?

Camels live a very long time in their natural state; between forty and fifty years in most cases. However, camels that are taken care of have been known to live longer.

Do camels live in hot place?

Yes. Camels live in deserts because of their unique ability to go for a long time without water. --No shxt Sherlock

Do camels live in the forest?

no camels live in the desert or a zoo

How long do camels live for?

Their life span is approximately 40 years.

How many years can camels live?

camels can live 60 years

Do camels only live in the desert?

No, camels do not only live in the desert. There are grassland camels that are accustomed to living on grassland.

Do wild camels live in australia?

Yes, there are wild camels that live in Australia. They are referred to as Australian feral camels and are a combination of Bactrian and dromedary camels.

Do camels live in the mid east?

Yes, camels do live in the mid east. As long as there is a desert, there is a camel. Although, they do live in the mid east, they are rarely seen there. New York City is 1/8 part of the mid east, but NYC is rather cold so camels do not live here.

How long can a camel live without water?

Camels can live without water for up to two weeks.

Do camels live in North America?

Yes camels can live in north America

Do camels live in europe?

The only camels that live in Europe are in a zoo. Camels are native to a dry desert area. Camels can be found in the Middle East countries.

Do lions live where camels live?

Yes,lions do live where camels live.Well lions live in the jungle and where desert.

Which animals can survive a long time without water?

camels can live a long time without water.

Do camels live in Canada?

Camels come from Cananda.

What area of India do camels live in?

Actually, I don't think camels live in India.Most camels live in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.

Do Camels live in Asia?

Yes, they live Northern and Southern Asia, and Arabian camels live in Arabia.

Why do camels have long tails?

They don't, actually. Reason being is because of the environment they live in.