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forever you crazy fool

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Q: How long does crack cocaine stay in an unborn child's?
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How long does it take crack cocaine to reach the brain?

A hit of crack cocaine reaches the brain almost instantaneously -- in about 3 seconds or less.

Does crack cocaine do any long term damage?


How long does crack stay in unborn babies urine?

Long enough for me to know your a bad mom

How long does it take to feel the effects of crack cocaine?

as soon as you ingest it.

What are some long term signs of crack cocaine use?

In general some long term signs of crack cocaine use is a twitch like action that occurs randomly, another general sign is the gums and teeth if it was being smoked. Crack cocaine causes multiple effects which can mostly be classified as brain damage.

How long after smoking crack cocaine does it take to register in the urine?

3 hours

How long do it make to cocaine crack?

By the sounds of things, you should already know this answer.

How long does crack cocaine fumes stay in your lungs?

15-20 years

How long does crack stay in an unborn fetuses system?

About 3 months an pray their be no birth defect

How long can doctors detect crack cocaine in the fetus blood stream?

first of all you shouldn't be using crack in the first place and especially if you are pregnant. if you did so you should go to the doctor immediately!!!!! do you honestly want anything happening to your child?

How long does it take for crack cocaine wrapped in plastic to go through your body if swallowed?

I need the answer

Crack cocains long term effects?

The long term effects of crack cocaine can include personality disorders, mental disorders, and heart problems. It can also cause death.