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How long does flatworm live?

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Are you asking: "how long does a flatworm live?"

If so, this is not an answerable question--there are too many types of flatworms to make a generalization.

I personally know of one type of flatworm which can re-generate--cut off any part of it's body, and that part will re-generate. As long as the head remains attached, the re-generation can take place.

I did a science project using freshwater planarians, where I explored this phenomenon.

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How long does a flatworm live?

170 years

How long is the longest flatworm?

The longest flatworm ever found was about 20 meters long.

Is a flatworm a mammal?

No it isn't. If it was a mammal it would have live babies and breastfeed its young, but a flatworm lays eggs.

What is a long parasitic flatworm?


What are the adaptations of a flatworm?

its the same enviroment as an earthworm right so a flatworm would live in a cool climate in the ground.

Where does a flatworm live?

It lives in the part of the water were it is dark and deep.

What is a long parasitic flatworm called?

It could be a tapeworm.

How long does a planaria live?

A planarian is a type of flatworm that lives in different kinds of water. As long as the worm has a steady food source and his living area is kept clean, there is no reason why he could not live for several months to a year.

Do you no what a flatworm is?

A flatworm is a soft invertebrate

Is a tapeworm a flatworm?

Yes it is a flatworm

Is a slug a flatworm?

No, a slug is not a flatworm.

What is the Phylum of a flatworm?

The phyllum of flatworm is platyhelminthes.

Is a pinworm a type of roundworm or a flatworm?


What is the most common flatworm?

The most common flatworm is the planarian The most common flatworm is the planarian

Scientific name for flatworm?

The scientific name for flatworm is Platyhelminthes.

What is the symmetry of the marine flatworm?

A marine flatworm has bilateral symmetry.

Where are the organs located in a flatworm?

where are the reproductive organs located in a flatworm

What phyla does the marine flatworm belong too?

Platyhelminthes is the phyla of the marine flatworm.

What is flatworm enemy?

a dead host because a flatworm need a living host

Do flatworms have body coeloms?

No, a flatworm does not have a body coelom.

Briefly explain why cutting flatworm into pieces would not kill it?

each piece would become a new flatworm - it is one of the ways the flatworm reproduces

Habitat for flatworm?

Some flatworms are found in salt and freshwater areas, but the parasitic ones live in other organisms. Tapeworms, for example, live in humans.

Is a snail an roundworm or an flatworm?

The snail is a flatworm because it hasn't got segments and legs!!!

Is a oyster flatworm?


Common flatworm that is not a parasite?

yes if ur asking if the marine flatworm is a parasite, it is a parasitic parasite