How long does heroin smoked stay in you system?


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3-5 days depending on your body type.

The skinnier you are the faster you will get it out of your system. Fat tends to make the process slower for it to get out of you.

To be perfectly safe give it a week.


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Heroin will stay in the urine for 3-5 days

i think it would stay at least a couple of days in your system

If you haven't smoked in a month then you system is most likely clean. If you smoke now it will stay in your system for about 15-30 days.

As long as it would if you've smoked more than one time.

For a month. The amount you smoked doesn't change the fact it is there.

it stays in your system for a certain amount of time depending on how much you smoked and if you did it when you were tired or drunk.

How long does herion stay in your body after completing a drug detox

It's called heroin. Go back to school.

Depending on your amount of body fat, it can stay in your system for thirty days.

It wont show up tomorrow if that is all you have smoked and were clean when you smoked it

Heroin leaves your system very quickly. On the safe side I'd say a week, but some reports state that 12 hours is enough to test negative for opioids since discontinuation of use.

Not long. I believe that THC can stay in your system for up to 30 days if you are a heavy smoker. So i would call you safe.

Doesn't matter how long since you last smoked. Weed stays in your system from 2 weeks to a month.

if you smoked it the one day and stop , it will be out of your system in about 6 weeks.

prolly a week or so... could stay a month depending on how much you smoked.

it depends if you smoked it on the same day it will stay in your system upto 3 months but only be traceable for 1 month. :) weed<3

Weed can stay in your system up to 90 days. It's all dependent on your metabolism, body fat, etc.

If you only smoked once, no more than two weeks, depending on how much, it may be out of your system in a matter of days.

smoking it only once, it will completely leave your system within a week of smoking

Depends on how much is smoked. Probably uP to two weeks

It's traceable for weeks, maybe months, by professionals.

It depends how long you smoked crack

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