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it happens straight away because a bird unless disturbed won't jump until it can fly at least 15 meters without falling

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Q: How long does it take a bird to fly after it leaves the nest?
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How long did it take to build the Beijing bird nest?

4 years and some months.

How long does a bird take to build a nest?

A bird by itself without anyone to help takes it about 2 to 3 days

Why does bird needs the nest?

the bird need nest to lay egg when the egg hatch a baby bird need nest the mother feed him and take care of him if the baby sick the mother kick the baby out the nest

How long does it take for a baby bird to leave it's nest?

It takes the baby bird 13-15 days of hatching to leave the nest and go out on it's own. Robins made a nest in some fake flowers I had on the back porch. It was amazing! I think it took them as long to build the nest as it did for the eggs to hatch and the babies fly away. Once the eggs hatched within three days we started seeing there heads poke from the nest. In two weeks actually from the day they were born the nest was empty.

How many years did it take to build the Beijing bird's nest?


How long does it take for a baby hummingbird to leave the nest once it hatches?

Hummingbirds hatch in 2 weeks, and leave the nest in 3weeks.

If there is a bird's nest and you take a baby bird out will the mother abandon it?

You should not do this - but the mother will continue to look after the remaining birds.

How do you make the bird take you to his leader?

tell him you'll mess up his nest?

Is it bird nest or mice nest in your bird house?

It all depends on who got there first. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Take care- if you smell a rat, there might be a stool pigeon. If it's a bird house, it should be a bird's nest. But sometimes, birds will 'fly the coop', leaving it unattended. Squirrels are rodents, too.

How do you get a nest on fly like a bird 3?

take twigs and space bar to start it

How long does it take for a small bird to make a nest?

I think it takes a day or two for the birds to gather and place together their nest and if they don't like a piece the move it somewhere else, this is very uncommon but sometimes they have to restart and hunt for new twigs, leaves, grass, and anything else that is easier to carry, it also depends on the size of the big, if its eggs are larger or smaller

How many times do you feed a 5 week old wild bird?

ok what you do is if its in a nest leave a pot of maggets near the nest and leave it for the mummy bird to take the maggets and feeds the birds or you could put the maggets or worms around the nest