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How long does it take a small airplane to take off?


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Usually about a minute.

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Depends on the size and type of the airplane. I wonder that it takes about four minutes for a Boeing 747-8.

It was not an airplane, and thus could not take off.

no it cannot take off if it is going slow

each plane has a set take off speed , flap position and weight for take off

to gain speed for take off

Usually about 45 minutes or closer to an hour :) Improved: There are factors that alter the answer due to a) weight of airplane, b) size of airplane, and c) current weather conditions affecting take-off.

It then produces lift due to wing configuration and can take off

An airplane flap extends the wing area during take-off and landing, to give extra lift at low speed. This allows the airplane to take-off and land at reasonably low speeds (around 150mph for most jet airliners).

Long answer, but it is basically the creation of negative space through the shape of the wing and the speed, the plane is then forced upward into the negative space. boo

The biggest airplane now can carry over 800 passengers and weighs over a million pounds at take-off.


It allows it to take off and land

The total of the plane, cargo and fuel.

They do! Where do you think they take off from??

This varies greatly from airplane to airplane, as well as according to ground wind conditions. Keep in mind that landspeed does not matter to an airplane nearly as much as AIRspeed. For example, your typical 4-seater single engine airplane takes off at around 60mph airspeed. Given a 20mph headwind, this aircraft could take off at 40mph GROUND speed. If you are interested in how fast the ground is wizzing by when youre looking out the window of the airliner. Most airliners take off at around 150 to 180 mph AIRspeed.

I lost my internet but now it is back on. How do i take ipod touch off airplane mode and turn on wi-fii mode

Yes you can take it on an airplane but you have to keep it switched off.You can use your phone only during take off and during landing. During the flight itself, you are not allowed to use your cell phone.Yes, but they usually ask you to turn them off during at least take off and landing (possibly the rest of the flight, I can't remember).

Depends on the aircraft, can be anywhere from 40 to 160 mph.

he engine is accelerared and the airplane moves down the runway gaining sped. When speed is high enough, 'lift' is created around the wings and it lifts off the ground.

This varies depending on the design of the airplane, the weight of the airplane, and the weather conditions encountered during the takeoff, but is typically from 9 - 20 degrees nose up for jets.

No. An aircraft takes off and lands into the wind. (Or as close as possible to directly into the wind).

Yes a head wind and flaps set to mid for wing configuration

Lambeg drum hits 120dcb which is louder than a small airplane taking off

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