How long does it take a tattoo to heal?

Small, relatively simple tattoos, heal pretty fast... 4, 5 days. Larger pieces take a bit more time. Up to two weeks. The skin is damaged by the tattoo needle going in and out and the skin reacts in just about the same way as it reacts so a sunburn. That is what a fresh tattoo feels like. So the first days can be pretty painful. After a few days you're okay... and than the worst part comes: it'll start to itch... and you shouldn't scratch! Opionions differ about the aftercare. I advise to wash the tattoo gently after an hour or two, no soap, and put a little bit of vaseline on it. Do that for at least 3, 4 days. Washing without soap, and put some vaseling onto it. That doesn't do anything for the skin, except for keeping it from getting infected. Don't have to put any vaseline on it after the first week. After two weeks the tattoo should be fully healed.