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It takes about 18 days from the date incubation begins. Incubation usually begins with the second egg laid. Eggs are usually laid 1 every other day and, if fertile and developing normally, they hatch in the same order laid every other day.


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They take 21-23 days. They don't all hatch at the same time. It's usually 1 then next morning another one.



I think it's about 3 weeks. This is from a neighbour whose wife has them, we are in a fairly cold climate though (North West of England) I don't know if that makes any difference.

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If the eggs are fertile, it can take about 21 days on average for a Lovebird eggs to hatch.
On average, a Lovebird can lay 5 to 6 eggs. They are laid one day after the other, usually, and hatch in the order they are laid.

You can tell if an egg is fertile after about 10 days by a method known as egg candling.

A video of a lovebird hatching.

A video showing how to "candle" a lovebird egg.

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Q: How long does it take for a lovebird egg to hatch?
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