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Q: How long does it take for antibiotics to kill leg infection?
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How long does it take to cure staph infection?

I have a staph infection small spots all over my body.I am taking antibiotics. How long does it take to heal. I was not told to stay away from people.

How long does it take to cure from a URinary tract infection without antibiotics?

It all depends on what you take for it and waht your docter says.

How long does it take for White Blood CellsTO RETURN TO normal after antibiotics are started?

it depends on how bad the infection is.

Why could not take an antibiotic for a viral infection?

Antibiotics only work against BACTERIAL infections. A VIRAL infection is not a BACTERIAL infection. A bacteria is a small complex living cell - antibiotics kill bacteria A virus is a simple strand of DNA in a protein coat - antibiotics have no effect on viruses.

Are antibiotics pain killers?

NO. They are antibiotics. anti = against; and bio = life. Therefore antibiotics kill bacteria etc. (Indirectly, antibiotics may contribute to pain relief if the pain is caused by the types of infection resulting from those germs which antibiotics kill. However, antibiotics should never be taken as a direct painkiller. Rather, one should take them to fight germs when one has become infected; but only after ascertaining that antibiotics are needed and will help. A doctor should be consulted. Taking antibiotics for too long, or when not needed, can have unwanted consequences.)

How fast do antibiotics work for ear infections?

Any antibiotic takes 3-4 days to really make a difference with any infection - this is because the infection keeps getting worse while the medicine is killing it off. This is also why you need to take ALL of your antibiotics so you kill ALL of the infection instead of just part of it.

Can you take yeast infection medicine while taking antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis?

Yes, you can take yeast infection medicine while taking BV antibiotics. Talk with your pharmacist for more information.

Why don't antibiotics kill your cells when you take them?

Usually, antibiotics don't kill your cells if the biotic isn't strong enough.

Can you take antibiotics for a chest infection while pregnant?

yes amoixicilline

Can you take bactrim and doxycycline together and at the same time?

You can take two antibiotics if your doctor feels that your infection is serious enough to need them. Remember to take all of the antibiotics even after you start feeling better. You want to kill off all the bacteria and not leave any behind in your body! Remember that antibiotics may give you upset stomach and diarrhea.

Is it okay for a ten year old to take antibiotics?

Yes, when I was 9 years old, I had an infection in my throat, and I had to take antibiotics, ( recommended by the docter ), and it was okay.

Should you EVER take someone else's antibiotics as prevention against carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE infection?

Absolutely NOT. The reason super bugs like MSRA and the new carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE infection is so terrible is because people OVER-USE antibiotics! Never take anyone else's medicines. Always finish the antibiotic given to you for an infection. Never take antibiotics for a cold, flu or other viral infection. Never take antibiotics as "prevention"-- UNLESS a doctor instructs you to do so.