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they never die

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Q: How long does it take for bacteria germs to die?
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How long does it take for germs to get on food?

Germs can live as long as a week depending on the type of area they are in. Most germs can live up to a day or longer most of the time. Answer By the word Germ, I gather you are probably referring to a pathogenic microorganism such as bacteria or viruses. A germ can last only seconds in one environment while lasting years in another environment. For example, The Virus responsible for AIDS last only a very short time outside of the body; however this same virus may last for years inside of the body. Some viruses which are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen (Foot and Mouth Disease Virus as an example) can last many years in this state and will still be viable under the right conditions. Some bacterial pathogens may last a short time in the body until overcome by the immune system or can stay in the body for years causing damage to internal organs like the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis. So, in a nutshell, germs can last only seconds or can last many years depending on the type of pathogen, its location, and the conditions of its environment.

Do virus germs die when cooked in oven?

It depends which kind.

Why do germs make fruit rot?

Because the cause the cells in the fruit to decay and die

Does bacteria die at low temperatures?

Not necessarily as some bacteria survive even in ice.

How does hand soap kill bacteria?

Scrubbing with hand soap, including under your fingernails, and then running warm water over your hands loosens the bacteria so they are removed and sent down the drain to die.

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What happens to becteria when it is refridgerated?

bacteria really dies when you freeze it honestly you cant see bacteria but you know like tap water do have germs such as bacteria so when we freeze or boil the water or other any thing the germs die

How fast do germs die?

Some germs will die within minutes of leaving a viable host. Other germs take days to die once leaving a viable host.

How long does it take for germs to die in water?

No you cant because when it freezes all the germs and particles are grouped up to keep warm. But to kill germs yu basically boil the water 10-15 mins

Do germs and bacteria die at 155 degrees?

"Germ" is an unscientific word that usually refers to bacteria. Maybe you meant "virus". Restate your question.

How long does it take for germs on my dog to die such as spit and sweat and athletes foot?

dogs don't got athletes foot.

How long can germs live in a cats mouth?

Indefinitely. Though individual germs may die, the collective colonies will live on!

If you have Germs on your hands will you die?

I think if you have a lot of germs you can get very sick from it and die

Do cold germs fight each other in clothing and die?

Germs do die when they touch cloth.

Do you die from sucking your own blood?

No, you do not die from sucking your own blood... however it is unhealthy for your body because after your blood is exposed to the bacteria in the air your blood gets unhealthy... therefore you can suck your own blood and not die... but you will have numerous germs in your body that will spread!

Can germs die of age?

Yes they can

Do germs die in the cold?


What happens if you dont wash your hands?

the answer is just don'tif your a man your strong so dont wash your handsladys try not to.