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It tooks about a week for a female German shepherd to eccept a new mate, so don't rush them.

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Q: How long does it take for female German shepherds to accept the male?
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How long did it take for a German shepherds ears to go up?

Not all German Shepherds ears go up.

How long is a German shepherds birth?

3 weeks

What breed of German shepherd has long hair?

It is not a different breed, but a specific gene that causes long hair in German Shepherds. A German Shepherd with long hair is still of the German Shepherd Breed.

How long or big can a German Shepherds feet be?

I have a large German Shephard. That being said, his front paws are 5 1/2" long and 3" wide.

How long does German Shepherds live up to if they were an indoor dog?

12 - 16 years is excellent.

Did Hitler create the German Shepherd?

No, Hitler didn't create German shepherd dogs, they existed long before Hitler was around, but Hitler did own German shepherds.

Are long-haired German Shepherds harder to take care of than short-haired German Shepherds?

Yes, I do believe they are as I have a short hair. I think that long haired German shepherds are harder to brush and clean because of their long hair.I own a Long Hair German Shepherd, and we do not have to brush her once a day. They seem like they would get muddy and matted, but actually, I have a retriever, and she get's much more mats than my shepherd. We take them to the groomers for a bath with soap and brushing once every couple months, and in between we don't have to brush her.

Can German shepherds eat store bought yogurt?

Yes, As long as it isn't big amounts as store bought is full of sugar.

What are the long term effects of Wandering Lameness in German Shepherds?

As long as a vet see's and sorts the problem out there shouldn't be any underlying problems. There could be limping for a while but nothing more.

Can you keep lab female with male German Shepard?

As long as they are spayed and neutered.

How long would 33 pounds of dog food last a German Shepard?

A while. But German shepherds who are growing should hve two to three cups a day, depending on what your vet says. Their large dogs.

Is a German shepherd more protective than a rottweiler?

German Shepherds are HERDING dogs. German shepherds are third smartest. Plus, Rottweilers are bred for guarding, Shepherds are bred for being loyal smart powerful and sweet companions to herders and to know how to fight off wolves and coyotes from sheep. Shepherds are less bulky with stronger bite power, better agility, and thicker fur. But Rottweilers have larger bulging muscles, while Shepherds have flatter muscles. They have just as much strength, but their muscles and flatter and less visible. German shepherds come in white, black, and the way they are most commonly known, tan with a black saddle. But Rottweilers have smooth black fur with outlined tan eyebrows and underbelly and chin. Plus Rottweilers have only short hair, while shepherds come with long smooth coat that can be from 1 to 5 inches long.