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In tightly closed gasoline containers, months. With an additive like PRI-G Gasoline treatment, years.

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Does gasoline go stale?

Yes, gasoline will go stale if it is left out for a certain amount of time. I HOPE SO WITH PRICES AT 3.50 A GAL. THE OIL COMPANIES NEED TO SET ON SOME STALE GAS...BUT THE ANSWER IS YES. IT WILL GO BAD SETTING AROUNG A LONG TIME.

How do you know if pasta is stale?

I'm pretty sure pasta can't become stale. it can become moldy AFTER being boiled. other than that, it lasts a long, long time.

What is stale water?

Water can become stale if you leave it out too long. This is because carbon dioxide gets into the water and lowers the pH.

Do old golf balls become stale or otherwise lose performance?

Golf balls never become stale or lose performance as long as they are kept in a dry, temperate environment.

Does sperm become poisonous if it stays in your testicles too long?

No, and it doesn't go stale either.

What is the evaporation point of gasoline?

Gasoline evaporates at room temperature. However, as long as the fuel system is sealed, it will not evaporate out of a car.

What is gasoline and oil often called?

They are produced from long deaf plants and other organism coal gasoline and oil are often called what fuel

How chips lose their chomp?

If left sitting out of the package long enough to become soft, if they are old to become stale, or if they become damp or soggy, chips will lost their chop.

Why can't fuel pumps be longer?

Fuel pumps must not be too long because of the circulation of the gasoline. Too much can heat up the gasoline and cause performance issues and cause cavitation to the pump.

Approximately how long before gasoline is no longer used for fuel in any vehicle?

150 years.

How long can diesel run a car?

Put diesel fuel in a gasoline vehicle and it will not run at all.

How long does it take uranium to become a fossil fuel?

Uranium is not a fossil fuel and cannot be a fossil fuel.

Which company has the tagline of The Detergent Gasoline?

Mobil. The Detergent Gasoline and Oil Station for as long as I can remember. The same fuel is now also at Exxon as the company has merged into Exxon/Mobil.

How long will breads last?

until they get stale

How long can gasoline be kept in a can or car tank?

I used to be a firefighter and we would throw our gasoline out after 90 days. Gasoline starts to go bad after 30 days. I do know that the scent changes when the gasoline no longer becomes usable. If you use a fuel stabilizer it will last about 6 months.

How long before gasoline goes bad?

Fuel will last only about a month (even that's pushing it) add a bottle of fuel stabilizer (available at your local hardware store) and the fuel will be good for "almost ever"

What kind of air is inside the pingpong ball?

it is in fact regular air inside the ball. the smell is because its contained for so long the air has become stale.

How long is fuel viable sitting in a broken down cars gas tank?

After about 6 months gasoline breaks down and is almost unusable.After about 6 months gasoline breaks down and is almost unusable.

How long will a 50 gallon barrel of gasoline stay good for?

Untreated gasoline starts to go bad after 30 days. Treat it with a fuel stabilizer and theoretically it will last one year. If you keep it that long I would mix the treated gas with 50% fresh gas when you use it. That 50/50 mix will be ok to use. Untreated gasoline over 60 days old mix with 80% fresh fuel before using.

What are stale words?

When you leave them out for too long in the open air.

How long before a lamington goes stale?

Lamingtons go stale within just a few days because they are based on sponge cake.

Does the word stale have a long a or short a?

The A has a long A sound, as in sale and tale. The E is silent.

Which demand can become more elastic over time what changes can take place in the long term to affect demand?


Is stale a long a or short a word?

The word stale has a long A (ay) sound and a silent E, as in the words scale and swale. Other words that begin with the same sound are stable, stay and stain.

How long does unopened cigarettes lasts?

Cigarettes in an unopened pack can last for as long as 6 months before they become stale. Because it IS possible for them to get stale in an unopened pack. If you're in an area where cig packs are too high, there's a good chance most of the packs in that store have stale cigs in them. You can keep cigarettes fresher longer by keeping packs and cartons in a freezer. Keeping them in a fridge is a good idea too. But I prefer using the freezer.

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