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We have used four boxes of poison for not quite 4 days now. 2 'feeding' locations have been used out of the 4. We know of 3 rats for sure, as we saw them, and maybe more. The 3 previous nights they ate A LOT and we have had to replenish their supply at one location, with a box that they never touched from another location. Last night was the 1st night they did not eat a thing and we haven't seen any of them this morning. Usually we see them going into hiding by this time. So now we know it probably worked and now we are waiting for the smell ... yikes! This is all we could do about these pests as nothing else worked. (plug in electromagnetic devices don't work for rats but generally mice)

It is also important to have water to enhance the effectiveness of the poison. For those of you concerned of certain traps making them suffer, not to worry. Many animals especially Rodents don't have a sense of conscious that we do. When they experience pain it isn't terrible or inhumane. Nor does it stretch out like it does for us. They run mainly on instincts and are in a self hypnotic state. (Many young children will eat, sleep, talk, etc while in this state for as old at 7 or 8 years old) Those years went like a flash to them. Animals its a common state of mind making there suffering next to nothing. The actual time depends on amount of ingestion, hydration, physical activity etc. Also ingredients vary the time as well plus size of Rat. On a average it is fatal from 36-72 hours.

As a extra note as most rat poisons are high doses of blood thinners.

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Q: How long does it take for rat poison to work?
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How long does rat poison take to kill the man?

No amount of rat poison will ever kill "the man".

How long does a rat poison take to kill you?

it takes roughly about as long as it takes to eat a grape

How long will a rat live after eating poision?

Depends on how much of the poison it ate & what type of poison it was. Some poisons take 24 hours to work, other a few minutes.

Do rats have to eat a lot of rat poison to die?

Well this will vary by the brand and type of rat poison, generly not much. Hence the name 'rat poison'. If your rat has eaten rat poison i would advise that you take them to the vet emedietly.

Can rat poison kill babies?

YES! If a child ingests rat poison, take them to the hospital immediately!

How long does it take for rat poison to kill a human?

Rat poison can kill a human. The time it takes to kill a human depends on how much is taken and the weight of the person taking it.

How much rat poison does it take to kill a large dog?

You are an idiot that needs to be in prison. Why don't YOU take the rat poison yourself

How long does it take a human to die after ther eat rat poison?

About 3 seconds If you are fat

You found your son with a small piece of rat poison in his mouth will this harm him?

Call your local poison control center immediately and take him to the emergency room. Rat poison is POISON.

How long does it rat poison to kill a mouse?


How long does rat poison take to kill the rat?

A few days to a week will do it. The poison is actually a potent blood thinner (warfarin - the same thing as Coumadin), so they bleed internally and that's what kills them.

Will rat poison work on squirrels?

Yes, for sure, they are rodents.

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