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It took me 10 hours.

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How many steps to hatch egg in Pokemon gold?

the steps to hatch an egg depends on what Pokemon you have in the egg. it normally takes more steps for rarer Pokemon in the eggs. Good luck hatching eggs!!!!! ;)

Do gold fishes eggs hatch?


What is the code for action replay to hatch eggs in heart gold and soul silver?

if you use the code you will hatch a bad egg

How many steps does it take to hatch a bad egg on Pokemon heart gold?

you cant hatch a bad egg

How many days do gold fishes eggs take to hatch?

about maybe 2 weeks

How many steps does it take to hatch an eevee egg in Pokemon gold?

8,960 steps

How many steps does it take for a Pokemon egg to hatch in heart gold?

It depends on the egg.

Can your Pokemon egg hatch while your on a bicycle in heart gold and soul silver?

it will hatch. I always go on my bike and go down the cycling road when I want to hatch an egg.

Can you get eggs in the original Pokemon games?

The first games to feature eggs and breeding were Pokemon Gold and Silver, followed by Crystal; Red Blue, and Yellow do not have eggs or breeding.

How do you get a gold Lucario?

Gold Lucario is the shiny sprite version of it. You would have to hatch eggs of Riolu until you get a shiny one. Chances are 1/8xxx

When will your egg hatch in Pokemon Yellow?

there's no egg in Yellow. there is in Gold and Silver but not the earlier versions.

How long does the egg hatch onheart gold Pokemon?

it depends on the pokemon inside, it can range from 112 steps all they way to 10000

How long does a bad egg take to hatch on Pokemon?

They Don't's a celebi egg. on my heart gold game i used an action reply for the 1st pokemon in box one will be a shiney celeby and it was

Can Pokemon eggs be traded in Pokemon gold silver crystal?

yes you can transfer a egg by link cable in the versions gold/silver/crystal. but u cant trade eggs to red/blue/yellow/green.

How many steps does it take for a Dratini egg to hatch hg?

It takes 2000steps for every egg to hatch in Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver and everything else.

How do you know when you have a bad egg in Pokemon heart gold?

How do you know when you get a bad egg is that it takes way to long to hatch.

Do Pokemon grow or do they just hatch the same size that they will always be For example is a wailmer egg huge or is the wailmer small and grow with age or does it magically grow instantly?

Pokemon in the Pokemon Games (Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl) do not have eggs their size. For example, when an egg is hatched from a wailmer, the egg will be the same size as the others, but the Pokemon hatched will be the original size. In Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Crystal, Platinum, and Gold, however, the Pokemon size eggs do have some variety, but only if traded to another game. If you're asking if it is noticeable in the game however, then the answer is no, the eggs will be the same (or look the same in the game) size and the Pokemon will grow to its size after hatching.

How long do you have to wait for an egg to be created in Pokemon gold?

the time varies by who are making the eggs

How do you get eggs without using the day care in pokemon heart gold?

talk to people

Can you get eggs in Pokemon Blue?

Frommy knowledge, Pokemon genders where introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver. So if there is no gengers, no eggs. Sorry! But Blue is a good game though. It's rare nowadays, but you are lucky to have the first Pokemon Pokemon game ever from Nintendo.

Is there any why to hatch a egg sooner in Pokemon heart gold?

Yes. Get a Pokemon with the ability "Flame Body" (E.G. Magmar/ Slugma) and place it at the front of your party. Place the egg second in your party and it will halve the amount of steps needed to hatch it.

Where is cleafairy on Pokemon Gold version?

Talk to the daycare man in route 34 and he will give you an egg. wait for it to hatch and then evolve it.

What level do the original gold and silver starters start at?

level 5 and cyndiquill evolves at level 14 quilava evolves at level 32 and same for toadidile and chickorita

Do sea monkey eggs hatch more sea monkeys?

Well ... Yes ... Typically they should. I don't think you'll be getting any Gold Fish or anything like that out of those eggs ...

How many steps do you have to take to hatch a mareep egg in Pokemon heart gold?

5355 steps, or when using a bicycle, 21 cycles