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Usually 2-3 Days

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Q: How long does it take for tss symptoms to present?
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How long does it take for TSS symptoms to occur?

In most cases it only takes a few hours.

How long before you see signs of TSS?

TSS is fast acting, you'd start to see symptoms of TSS within the first few hours. Symptoms can include vomiting, diarrhea, headache, rash, fever, and low blood pressure.

You have had symptoms for tss but you are not sure you have it?

If you suspect TSS you must seek immediate medical attention, TSS can take hold quickly and can kill within a week, medical attention is urgent. Symptoms of TSS can vary greatly but in all cases you would see a fever and low blood pressure.

Are the symptoms of TSS continuous or can someone get them occasionally?

TSS symptoms can occur monthly with your menstrual cycle when you have a mild case, they will present like flu and may pass but long-term can lower your immunity and result in a serious life-threatening case - a doctor can run tests for TSST-1 antibodies to see if this is TSS. In a serious case of TSS within a few days you'd suffer organ failure and you would die within a week, with a serious case it's not something you get occasionally...without urgent medical care you die.

Can you get tss symptoms and then have them go away?

no. you still have it but the symptoms are fading but if you have it in a few days they will come back.

Why should a female with symptoms of TSS contact a health care professional immediately?

TSS is potentially fatal - organs can start to fail within a couple of days, and TSS can kill within a week. TSS victims require immediate medical attention if they stand any chance of surviving TSS.

What are the symptoms of TSS?

TSS is a big deal but it is very rare to get TSS but you can still get it the symptoms are fever, rapid drop in blood presher, sunburn like rash on your entire body, vommeting and diaria, severe musel aches or weekness, bright red coloring of the eyes, throat, and vagina head ache, confusion, disorientation, and or seizures kidney and other organ failure this will help you but make sure you be carefull with tampons.

What are the symptoms if you forget a tampon?

If you've left a tampon in longer than the recommended 4-6 hours then it increases risks of TSS and vaginal infections - the longer they're left the higher the risks. If susceptible to TSS on this occasion you'd likely see TSS symptoms earlier rather than later because although TSS risks are higher the longer you leave tampons, the bacterial toxins responsible for TSS take immediate effect. Symptoms of TSS can vary greatly including vomiting, bowel problems, muscle pains, rash on hands or feet, red mucosa, but all TSS cases involve fever and low blood pressure. Vaginal infection is most common, you'd notice bad odour such as a fishy smell and excessive discharge, maybe also irritation. If you do notice these symptoms then you check to see if there is a tampon still left in your vagina, and then see your doctor for antibiotics to clear the infection.

Can you die from tss?

Yes you can die from TSS. I had TSS and ended up in the ICU for six days. It is a long recovery and you are extremely exhausted afterwards. I was sick for about five days before someone diagnosed me and then I went to the ICU. Another side effect is your whole body peels after. It is strange. Its very scary and has life long effects afterwards. If you feel as though you have TSS go to a hospital right away. Usually a sunburn like rash appears and that's really a sign of TSS.

How long does it take for toxic shock syndrome to develop?

Symptoms of TSS can occur within a few hours - it all depends on your immune system and severity of the infection. If you develop a sudden high fever and start to feel faint then seek medical attention. For more information see You ARE Loved

I haven't had any TSS symptoms but realized I had a tampon inside me for eleven days. Should I be worried?

Yes. Unless you are on a period you shouldn't be using a tampon and if you are you need to change it several times a day. The bacteria is what causes the TSS and it can kill you. I hope you have stopped doing this.

Can you get tss when you use tampons but you faint and vomit before you use them during your period?

Yes, you can get TSS whenever you use tampons. If you're already feeling faint and vomiting then it may be harder to spot TSS symptoms; although with TSS as well as feeling faint you'd have a high fever. If you're ill it may be a good idea to avoid tampons this time, if you always feel faint and sick during menstruation you need to talk to your doctor about investigating why this happens.