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We don't have crystal balls here so it's impossible to tell. Every woman wants to know how long it will take etc but you can never foretell these things. It's individual based on your body, how the baby handles labor and every birth is unique.

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Q: How long does it take for you to go into labor and it's your fifth baby?
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How long does it take to push a baby out?

It just depends on how your labor is going. Everyones different.

How long does it take to go into labor if you are 37 weeks 4 cm dilated and fully effaced but baby hasn't dropped?

The baby can drop in labor. It is always not easy to distinguish when the baby drops. I have had 3 children and never knew when they dropped I only knew when labor kicked in.

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How do you deliver a baby Quick I don't have long?

YOU can't decide how long it will take! Its takes as long as its gonna take. Why would you not have long? Perhaps the labor progressed faster than expected? I had a two hour labor... TOTAL. Thought I had more time. If we got to the hospital sooner than the labor would have been even faster. Best answer would be to call 911 and they can walk you through it before paramedics arrive. You have to make sure you don't just cut the cord or the baby and mother will bleed to death. Cord has to be clamped off in two spots and cut in between clamps.

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When does your labor start?

Around the time that your baby is due to be born, give or take a few days/weeks.

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How long it will take a baby to grow out of new-born clothing will depend on the size of the baby at birth and how quickly they grow. Typically it will take a few weeks to a few months.

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It takes 10 weeks to be due in

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