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Q: How long does it take oil based plastics to decompose?
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How long does non biodegradable substances can live?

It depends on the material. For example, tin cans take 100 years to decompose, styrofoam cups take 400-500 years and plastics take thousands of years to decompose. Plastics are the materials that has the longest decomposition period because they contain materials that do not decompose easily.

How long does a banana peel takes to decompose?

A banana skin take roughly 3-5 weeks to decompose depending on the circumstances. the banana skin takes so long to decompose as it contains some chemicals that go into the use of making plastics.

How long does bioplastic take to decompose?

It depends on the bioplastic. Some can decompose in a composting pile in several weeks, while some are meant to be stable like regular plastics for many many decades.

How long does synthetic fabric take to decompose in a landfill site?

how long does fabrics take to decompose how long does fabrics take to decompose

How long does it take to decompose a table?

I don't really knows how long it takes to decompose because it really depends on which material it is based on. So you would have to be specific.

How long does Lego take to decompose in the stomach?

Does not decompose

How long does it take for a computer to decompose?

1700 years to decompose

How long does gold take to decompose?

Gold will never decompose.

How long will it take for a band-aid to decompose?

how lond does it take to decompose a band aid

How long does iron take to decompose?

iron does not decompose but after a long time and i mean a long time it just starts to flake away but does not decompose

How long does it take jacket to decompose?

how long

How long does brass take to decompose?

Brass is a metal it does no decompose. Only organic materials can decompose.