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First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

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im not sure how long the postal service will take but a human (driving) would take 23 hours 6 mins

what is the united states postal service human resource phone number in corpus christi,texas

The United States Postal Service (USPS) typically takes 2-3 days to deliver letters in the continental US, including the places that you mentioned.

According to the United States Postal Service, 3 days or less.

A person can move from the state of California to the state of Texas. They will need to change the information on their license and passport, and will need to do a change of mail service.

Your answer depends on the destination in Antarctica and whether or not there is postal service -- which is rather seasonal -- to that destination.

The average salary for a postal carrier in Texas is $50,910 per year. The starting salary for a postal carrier in Texas is $43,313.

what is the penalty for a spouse in the state of Texas for opening mail delivered by the united postal service during a devorice?

Yes the one in allen texas did.

How far is it from California to Texas?

It takes about three days for a first class letter to reach Texas from Ohio through the US Postal Service. Benjamin Franklin was the country's first postmaster general.

" is farther Illinios to Ohio or California to Texas"california to texas

Yes, Texas is larger in size than California, however, California is more populous: Area: Texas - 696,241 km2 California - 423,970 km2 Population: California - 37,691,912 Texas - 25,674,681

* 75901 * 75902 (postal boxes only) * 75903 (postal boxes only) * 75904 * 74905 (postal boxes only).

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This website is a list of all the compnaie that deliver in Texas:

Texas wins in size.California wins in population.California wins in population density.California wins in water percentage.California wins in income.California wins in number of democrats.Texas wins in number of republicans.Texas wins in number of cities.Texas wins in number of counties.California wins!

Texas has thousands of zip codes. You can get more information at www.usps. com