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It takes between a fraction of a second to about 10 seconds to retain concentration. Beyond 10 seconds, eye strain sets in and the person may lose concentration. Some can remain unblinked for up to 3 minutes but is really stressful. Engaging in any other activity with any other part of your body will however influence the eye to blink or lose its concentration. it just takes one blink of the eye, no longer than that.

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Q: How long does it take to blink an eye?
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what are you talking about! never heard of somert so stupid! This is not an answer - let me clarify the question: : No, it is not something stupid. Perhaps I just didn't make my question clear enough. These are defineable measurements in time. : Blink - How long does it take for you to blink your eye? : Wink - How long does it take to wink your eye? : Twinkle (also referred to as a twink) - What is the length of time for the human eye to observe a reflection of light in someone's eye (an actual recordable event, the reflected light seen in someone's eye.)

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