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How long does it take to catch Relicanth underneath the water in Pokemon?

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Getting 21 Masterballs:First you must deafeat the Elite Four and then if your'e not stupid enough to catch any1 with the masterball you must give the masterball (BTW this only works on emerald) go to the battle frontier. these are the directions.

1. deafeat the elite four

2. go to the battle frointeir

3.give ur masterball to a Pokemon

4. deposit the Pokemon in a box alone

5.get out of the box the game

7. then withdraw it

8. then go to the link multi battle rooms on the left

9. then she wud ask u that the challege has 2 offers wud u like 2 go on tha lv. 50 lvl or open lvl.

10. chose tha lvl 50 1 and then she askes u 2 choosze 2 Pokemon chose 2 Pokemon that u do NT wish 2 clone

11. then she askes u 2 save the game then thez a 2 secnd pause the is says are u sure u wunt 2 save.

12. then restart the game look in tha box u pt ur Pokemon in and the Pokemon cloned with the masterball nd keep on doinin it.

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How do you see relicanth in Pokemon Emerald?

You can see and catch Relicanth under the water just outside Sootopilis(spl?) City, in the mossy grass.

What type of Pokemon is relicanth?

Relicanth is a Rock and Water type pokemon.

How do you catch relicanth on Pokemon white?

Fish into rippling water on Route 4. You have a 60% chance of finding it that way.

Where do you get Relicanth and Wailmer on Pokemon Sapphire?

You can catch Relicanth underwater using HM Dive around Soutoopolis and Wailmer is like everywhere in water if you use a good or a super rod.

How do you catch a relicanth on Pokemon sapphire version?

You must use the Dive HM on certain water routes. Relicanth is available in all deep water areas. The routes you can Dive in are 124, 126, 127 and 128.

Where do you get relicanth in Pokemon black?

In Route 4, when you fish in rippling water. There's a 60% of it being Relicanth.

How do you get a relicanth in Pokemon Black?

If you see a "shaking spot" in the water on Route 4, fish there and you might get a Relicanth.

What is the national pokedex number for Relicanth?

Relicanth is #369 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water-Rock type Pokemon.

What level does relicanth evolve?

Relicanth is a third generation Pokemon of Water and Rock types. It does not evolve into any other Pokemon as of the sixth generation.

Do you need relicanth to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon black?

Yea but I have no clue where to catch them. People keep saying "fish on route 4" but I don't see any water there only sand.

Where do you catch relicanth in pokemon white?

In the desert resort there is a beach, kinda but the main point is you can go on the water using surf and its ether fish/ go into the rippling water. 07542906183

How to catch water pokemon?

you can catch water Pokemon when fish.

Where do you find relicanth on Pokemon platinum?

you can get relicanth by using a super rod in the water to the right of the survival area its your chances of getting one is about 50%

How can you catch rencath in ruby?

you go under water using dive then go into the grass and keep going around in the grass and battling the Pokemon til u find relicanth

Where to catch water Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can catch water Pokemon by surfing on water and by using all the rods

Which Pokemon can surf in Pokemon HeartGold?

Any type of water Pokemon can surf. A few examples are Wailord , Empoleon and Relicanth

Are there secret Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

YES! there are secret pokemon! regice regirock registeel rayquaza ( true u can catch it aswell u can also get other ones by eggs need annyhelp on the regis or the rayquaza email me at goodluck mate :) regis are abit hard u need wailord and relicanth wailord u evolve or TRY to catch and relicanth is under water nere mosdeep trench

How do you get relicanth in Pokemon white?

U go to route 4 I think and go to the water

Where do you find relicanth on Pokemon ruby?

Relicanth is a Pokemon required to find the 3 Legendary Regis Pokemon. It is found by the underwater entrance of Sootopolis City. Just by the underwater entrance there should be seaweed. Swim around in that seaweed and you will encounter various Pokemon like Clampearl, Chinocho, Tentacool, and Relicanth. Plus some other water types.

How do you catch relicanth in Pokemon diamond?

I caught a Relicanth last night completely by surprise. I was surfing at the top of the water on Route 226 (above the guys who teaches you the elemental hyper beams) and i faced a rock (leaving enough water in front of me to fish) and started fishing with a Super Rod. I was looking for a Seadra but came across Relicanth so i caught it. (Still looking for the Seadra haha) Hope that helps!

Were can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Leaf Green, you can catch Pokemon in the grass, water, or in a cave.

In which area you can find relicanth in Pokemon Emerald?

Relicanth is a Water and Rock type Pokemon that has no evolutionary forms. It was introduced in the third generation games and can be found underwater by using Dive. They are encountered only one out of every twenty battles with wild Pokemon.

How do you catch some legendary in sapphire?

to get the regis you must beat the Elite Four and champion and have a relicanth and wailord at the bottom of your team. you also need surf (HM) dive (HM) dig (TM) and a fire Pokemon water Pokemon and a Pokemon good against steel. to catch kyogre you need a grass Pokemon but don't kill it get it to red then throw utraballs like crazy!

Where can you find a relicanth in ruby?

Relicanth is a Water and Rock type Pokemon that first appeared in the third generation of games. In Pokemon Ruby, it can be found underwater, although it is quite rare and will only show up one out of every twenty encounters with wild Pokemon.

How water strider can walk on water?

it has air underneath it feet so it can catch its food on water