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How long does it take to change a fuel pump in a car?


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Depending on what kind of car. I can change the fuel pump in my 66 ford p/u in 15 minutes.

The time required to change the fuel pump depends upon the location. Some late models have the fuel pump located in the fuel tank. This requires a trained person.


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It will take a skilled mechanic approximately 5 hours to change the fuel pump in your 1991 Mercury Cougar. It can take a novice mechanic much longer.

Take it to the dealer because the pump is in the fuel tank.

U can have the fuel pump and fuel filter both changed in bout 1:30 and thats taking ur time.

It is inside the fuel tank, an experienced mechanic can replace it in about 2 hours.

Fuel pump is in the tank, take to dealer or be adventerous and do it yourself

For my 99 sliverado 1500 z71 it took about an hour or less. Get the correct tools, drop the tank, slide the fuel pump in and reattach the tank.

the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank.To change fuel pump, take off the bed of your truck and unscrew the white thing on top of the gas tank. That is your fuel pump.

You need to take out the fuel tank and the regulator is on the top of the fuel pump

you can take the gas tank off to change it, or take the bed off to do it.

you remove drive shaft, exhaust, take the fuel tank down, change bad pump (you have 2) and then calibrate ECM since fuel pressure will differ...

about 3 hours if you take your time and do it safely, be sure to use a hydrallic jack, or you will be much longer

I was able to remove and reinstall my fuel pump in my 540i in about an hour.

Take the gas tank down to get the pump out as it's inside the tank.

gotta take out the fuel tank cause it goes inside it

You must remove the fuel tank. Once you remove the tank the pump is located in the tank. Take the top screws off and pull the pump out.

easy way is to take the bed off and drop the gas tank fuel pump is setting on top.

yhe fuel pump in a 2000 dodge stratus is under the fuel tank. in order to change it u will need to take down the tank.

the pump is in your fuel tank to take the straps down you will need a 18 mm deepwell socket and a flat screwdriver and a small hammer for fuel pump removal

If you know how to work on cars, about 15-20 min. tops. Disconnect the lines, take out the two bolts that hold on the pump, clean off where the fuel pump bolts to the block, install new gasket and pump and lines. Start up and check for leaks. Done

Take the old one out and put the new one in. Located in the fuel tank.

fuel pump is located in the fuel tank at the back, Remove backseat, trim and open the hatches in the floor, they give access to the fuel tank. The pump is a big assy. Careful, fuel is highly flammable - take precautions and ventilate


First you take out the back seat and you should have a plug in the middle you take that out and the fuel pump is right there. I suggest buying a Chilton book for it and it should tell you the proper way to take it out.

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